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Fitzy's GP is back!

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7 hours ago, JUSTA6 said:

I was thinkin I'd take the blond one w/red visor.  Whatcha think?


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4 hours ago, Ringo64 said:

Man, been a minute since I've seen this pic.

Been a couple minutes.

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I'm gonna guess the one standing closest to the GTO. Is there some significance to the pic you guys are holding up?

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5 hours ago, Frosty said:


Wow! It has been awhile since I last saw this photo!!!! :rofl:

Yeah, I was the mastermind of this particular prank (go figure, right?). Guilty as charged! I certainly didn't expect him to react the way he did.

Pic included Mike N Professor.  Did we piss them off too?:rofl:   Actually remember something about Pro's station wagon, then he hung up and never came back. Maybe he went to play tractors with Havoc??

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17 hours ago, Fitzy said:

It's important to have a scapegoat - this one's called Frosty! So...is that you closest to the other Goat?

Had a bit of a day today. I thought I'd start with the easiest electrics which is anything behind the rear seat. All I had to do was clean the various bulb contacts and shine up the little spring loaded pin that provides the juice to the globe. I did the reverse lights, number plate light and the stop/tail/indicators. Oh, and I fitted my spanky new red LED bulbs. I need to check the fuel gauge sender unit earth to ensure it's a good contact and the back of the car is sorted. Then I threw myself into the engine bay. I pulled apart and then meticulously cleaned the bulkhead connectors. I can't see a need to rewire if everything already works. I figure as long as all connection points are clean & tight and that the wire ends are in the same clean condition, shit should work. Whilst in there, I cleaned up the horn wires, blower motor wire and oil pressure & temp gauge lines. I also cleaned up the wiper wires and neatened everything so that it is all virtually hidden. I drilled a small hole under the blower motor housing and routed the right hand engine bay wires through there to avoid having them snake around the firewall. I enclosed whatever I could in split tubing conduit and am pretty happy with the result.

Will fit LED flasher can and front indicator LEDs tomorrow. The rat's nest under the dash is the job that's gonna take a little time. I'll post extra pics tomorrow.




Nice, I wish my bulkhead connector housings look that good, mine has been cooked to much and are al crispy.

You can always add some relays for things like headlights and starter even without rewiring the whole car.

I would like to know what you think about your new LED taillight bulbs when you are done and what brand they are, seems like every time i do a LED upgrade job (car or at the house) it turns in to a full on investigation to find something that looks the way i think it should.

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You guys wouldn't have heard about the cyclone that hit Groote Eylandt where I work - I forgot to mention it. Whilst I was on R&R at home, a Cat 3 cyclone hit Groote and has caused so much damage to infrastructure that we all thought it would close. Anyway, apparently there's a LOT of manganese still to be mined and the Mine will rebuild but it's gonna take months. There was massive damage to the highway (we use road trains to shift processed product to the port area) the haul road (dump trucks take raw earth to be processed) and to the port area (where a conveyor loads bulk ore carriers.) All suffered huge damage and so there's not much happening right now. All contractors & casual workers were told that there's no more work. I am very fortunate that I am once again driving coaches and am therefore considered 'essential,' so my job is secure. I am lucky to be able to fritter money upon the car.

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