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enjoy all you Pontiac guys and gals

but this is a bit of me !!  

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Been working my tail off trying to help a friend get his performance engine shop back up to speed and have not has a chance to respond to any of the last months posts. The super bird and the iron block and heads GTO are both two thumbs up. I have spent enough time building old cars to know how much time and devotion goes into them. Regarding the accomplishment of the GTO my mind goes back to the time when Larry Dixon senior had the worlds fastest Chevy powered dragster and Don Garlits said that it was a shame he didn't have a Chrysler in it that it would probably be the worlds fastest dragster. While I am not trying to diminish in any way what either one of them accomplished and am duly impressed with the power created by a stock block Indian, like Don my mind goes to what could have been accomplished with a newer platform. Just the way my mind works. On the other side I would be more than willing to have it parked in my garage!

As for the Demon on wagon wheels and the GM whatever with the aluminum version of the wagon wheels on the front, what insanity people do with their cars still amazes me. Proof positive that there is still an abundance of people in this world with a lot more money than brains. 

I was on my way back into town from a trip years ago and actually saw a 60's vintage Ford Galaxie with very similar aluminum wheels on all 4 corners. It was similarly jacked up in the front and rear to clear everything and the front suspension geometry was so screwed up that at about 50 mph it was dancing around so bad in the far right lane that I could not get past it fast enough. I did not want to be behind it when the inevitable accident occurred.  I cannot imagine someone actually driving something so dangerous on the street. If they don't care about themselves what about the innocent people around them. I will say don't park it in front of my house or it will get ugly. 

Hoping that everyone is doing fine and staying healthy. 

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This brings back memories. I was at the 2004 GTOAA convention in Pontiac Michigan. My dad even got drifted by Rhys Millen in a 2004 GTO in the parking lot of the Pontiac Silverdome, which you can see in the background of one of the shots.

It was on the way home on July 15, 2004 (2nd day of the convention), that the original 455 in Lucy denotated 5 miles from home. The #8 rod came apart in 3 pieces (that's pretty unusually according to my engine builder). Put a hole in either side of the oil pan. Put a hole in the #8 cylinder wall too. The block would have to be sleeved in order to salvage it. I ended up spending the rest of the convention looking for new engine parts. I did get a good used 1972 455 block at the convention - that's what is in Lucy today.

It was also the first time I met Jim Wangers and auto writer Paul Zarrazine.

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Awesome that you found OUR Pontiac memories and the reason we are still Pontiac FANatic's.  Thankz from Pontiac Mi for sharing Kiwi.  

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Ah i am pleased it spun your wheels guys, i found it super interesting:cheers:

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22 hours ago, JUSTA6 said:

Love watching The Aussies run the old Nitro funny cars on MAV TV.   Esp the Pontiac's.:pontiac:

I don't have MAV TV on my cable system! Bastiches! :willy_nilly:

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Added a new tool to my collection today 

.... the Milwaukee m12 staple gun 👍👍

i have to install insulation under one of my rentals tomorrow and I recon this stapler will make it way easier🍻🍻🍻


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