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  1. You don't mention the year so I will be generic. You obviously have not pulled the control head out and physically inspected it. Unfortunately that would be the first place to start. When you push the button down there is some kind of catch that holds the button down. When you push another button it releases that catch and the catch on the button pushed activates. Not knowing the year I can not speculate as to whether or not your control head is plastic, if it is there is probably no way to fix it. If it is metal usually it is possible to repair but what repair will dep[end on the inspect
  2. When I put the Sniper on my 63 I used the Holley frame mounted pump I never really heard the pump. I did however find another problem. When I had less than about 5 gal left in the tank it would slosh the fuel away from the pickup on a hard turn and the engine would instantly die. With regards to the O2 sensor either pipe is fine it just needs to read the exhaust so you want it within about 9-10 inches of the exhaust manifold. No welding is necessary it comes with a clamp on bung you just need to be able to drill the hole. Ideally you want it within about 25 degrees either side of the top line
  3. For whatever it might be worth to the discussion I have a 63 Catalina that came with the "high compression two barrel" engine. A 389 with 10:1 compression single exhaust and two barrel carb. In those years Pontiac was smoking some really foul stuff. We used to refer to them as being the only foreign car made in America. I spent months scouring the internet for a 4 bbl manifold with no success. I finally put on a 2 bbl Sniper and an HEI distributor. A vast improvement in every aspect of drivability. The biggest problem was the transmission. There is no way to make a roto hydro (slim jim) compat
  4. So I read on the injector pressure that it can go that high. I do know that with all the sound deadening off of the engine the injectors click like valve noise. Now you know why this will be my last car. I don't have another build like this left in me. I would have liked to have had this combination when I cruised Van Nuys boulevard in the 60's. Maybe my memory is rusty but I do not remember ever having anything this fast back then.
  5. Final hookups. Lets see if we can’t finish this thing up. If you are going to use an LT there are a few things that will be problematic. The first thing is the loom you choose. Be careful of your supplier. I actually purchased two, the first did not have the correct connectors at the front of the engine for the cam advance and would not even start the engine. Don’t remember who it was but they were in Michigan. After repeated attempts to contact them unsuccessfully I gave up and got my credit card company involved. Long story short they eventually said to send it back and when they got confirm
  6. The engine trans install. It was pretty obvious when I got the engine completely assembled that there was going to be a lot of cutting and welding on the crossmember. The steering pump and A/C compressor were hanging on the bottom which was fine for the truck but not so for the Pontiac. So I took everything off that I could so I has a clean slate to work with. Looking at the two transmissions it was obvious that more room would be needed in the trans hump so in addition to taking all the front end sheet metal off I removed the front seat and front carpet took a cutting wheel and made three cu
  7. The final installment will be the actual engine/trans install. I did actually find some pictures that I forgot I had taken
  8. Installment 2. Now that insanityclaus is back in his hole for about 300 days maybe things can get back to as normal as they can be in the present climate so, lets talk about the car. I started with a midwestern car with 43,000 miles on it. Normally I would not buy a midwestern car because of the rust issue but it was a one owner car and the mileage indicated it probably was a fair weather car so I took a chance. The chrome is all original just had to buff some of it out. The floor and trunk pans are fine but I did need to repair some rust spots by the wheel openings. It looked good in the
  9. 64Kiwi, Just A6 and Frosty have requested details on my engine trans upgrade so here goes. I find myself with some spare time hopefully enough to get through the engine mods. The problems I encountered with the L83 are 1. no steering pump. 2. DOD. 3. vacuum source, 4. oil pan and lower hose outlet. Steering pump. What aftermarket pump kits I found all mounted the pump on top which would not have worked on my install so the steering pump replaced the vacuum pump. I did do a cam change with a DOD delete, that required removing the heads so with the engine on the stand heads off waiting fo
  10. OK I will start with the engine mods and proceed from there. Will start as soon as this blasted season is over and I can find some time. Keep watch on the HOW TO section.
  11. When I get the time I will post it. It is not a short story. The install took me 6 months of spare time and the engine and trans were in and out at least 35 times getting the fit right.
  12. Is there someplace on this website that would be more appropriate for the story than as a post script on a thread about a trunk latch? I will be more than happy to go through everything unfortunately at the time of the install I did not take pictures, I was more interested in getting it in than recording it for posterity.
  13. Thanks for the positive feedback. If anyone wants to try an L83 into anything I solved the steering pump and variable displacement A/C compressor issue.
  14. Finally took the time to take some pictures and upload them. The picture of the dash just shows the keyless button in place of the original ign switch, the rest of the installation is under the dash. With the LT installation I actually have two completely separate wiring systems about 50 years apart in technology. It was a bit of a struggle to incorporate the keyless/push button system. It required separating some wiring and isolate the systems to make it work but Gallo Tech was very helpful and patient in helping me to work it out. As for the engine/trans install it was beyond any shadow of a
  15. Yes, but as stated pick a part is going to have to wait. I can't take a chance on the virus, LA is a real hot spot right now. I like your tag lines. especially about stupidity, cats (aren't they both the same) and little men. Have experience with the latter.
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