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  1. We have been sharing tools left to us by our fathers. Here is my contribution. I have no idea where this originated, I do know that my father as a young man plowed behind horses. I had never seen it when he was alive, only found it in his garage after his death. Obviously at some point someone needed a wrench for something and in the absence of a Snap On tool truck whacked this one out of a piece of 1/2 inch flat stock. You can see the torch marks on the side. Crude but probably worked.
  2. Never have I seen it put so eloquently.
  3. Getting back to Van Nuys Blvd. I was cruising the boulevard about 5 years before these pictures were taken. Did a lot of street racing a little west of there. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!
  4. I did speak with Wilwood briefly at the onset and they have nothing for that era Pontiac or other GM. They do have rear conversions for the 9.3 drop out axle but they are quite large and will not fit in my 15 inch wheels. Don't know about Corvette but Camaro/ Firebird hubs or rotors won't work because they have a 4 1/2 bolt circle and the Catalina has a 5. My present plan is to use the hubs out of the front drums, it is probable that they have 12 inch hats with the 5 inch bolt circle hopefully with a useable offset. Larry has known Bill Wood for years and is going to put me in touch with him t
  5. Just food for thought. I put Alden coil overs in it and it is a totally different automobile. Be advised that if you try it the Alden springs have a 3 3/4 inch inside diameter and the original springs had a 4 inch ID. I had to grind the flat on the final coil to open up the spring as much as possible and get up into the spring hole with a large crescent wrench to bend the spring pad in all the way around so the new springs would seat. I got them bent in enough that the springs started to locate. When I got it back together I jacked it up as high as my jack would go and dropped it down hard to
  6. Never needed the boat anchor, the 55 stopped better without power than the Indian does with, it is all in the brake design. The Corvette was a 4 piston caliper with a large pad. I did however think about throwing my ex wife out the window more than once. Frosty, I am now aware that MP makes a disc conversion however the guy I work for part time knows Wilwood very well and they are only a half hour from my house. When I get over the task of putting the coil overs in the car, it required more modification than I ever imagined, I am going to chat with Wilwood to see if they can come up with
  7. The current kit is one I found on ebay. Wilwood does not make a kit for it and if I had fount CPP first that is probably what I would have gone with. After a lot of research and brain picking I have decided to build my own. I just need to find a hat that fits the original hubs roughly the same dimensions as a 90's vintage Caprice. I will use the Wilwood 4 piston caliper. The Caprice had a 15 inch wheel so that should not be a problem. As long as I own a cutting torch, arc welder and a drill press making a caliper bracket should be well within my wheelhouse. I will be using the CPP rear ki
  8. It is amazing how the durability of racing engines has improved. 50+ years ago when I was drag racing that engine would have been scattered over at least a hundred yards of asphalt. I saw many engine explosions shut down a strip while a team of people walked the entire strip picking up engine fragments. I remember one event when the blower and oil pan were simultaneously blown off the engine. I happened to be about 50 feet from it at about the 3/4 mark. between the parts, the oil and the fire it was a spectacular event. Closed down Lyons drag strip for the night. I am sure that events lik
  9. I cannot disagree with what you say especially the part about morons in government. I personally adhere to the conspiratorial view of history. I happen to believe that there is a consortium somewhere that is influencing everything we do in one way or another. For instance take a close look at how we got involved it WW1 and 2. Those are the biggies but there are countless examples of things for which there seems to be no other explanation. Power generation definitely falls into that category. What little I have delved into the issue there is no logical reason for the path we are taking. It is c
  10. Nuclear power plants have been around for decades and there have been more people killed in the back seat of Teddy Kennedy's car than in all the nuclear accidents in the entire US. They are also disposing of the waste safely for the time being. So I am comfortable with nuclear as things now stand while they are perfecting fission. Anything but the Circus that is now going on. The why is easy. If they develop fission it will become a dead issue and they will have to develop a whole new smoke screen to pawn off on the average non thinking voter.
  11. I have thought about an adjustable proportioning valve, the problem is that the only front brake kit that I found that fits on my Pontiac appears to have been designed in Disney's animation studio. It is superior to the factory drums in that I can step on the brake with out the car diving one way or the other, but the stopping power is less than the drums. I would like to have a balanced system that comes from the same supplier, probably Wilwood as they are local to me if I find that I need something. They make a rear brake kit for the 9.3 drop out so if they have a front rotor that will fit m
  12. Had a few minutes waiting to leave for a doctors appointment so did a quick google search on solar/wind vs nuclear. It takes about 2000 wind turbines to equal one nuclear power plant which requires about 350 square miles of land. Its reliability is at best 35% because the wind is not always blowing. A solar installation would require 75 miles of land and only has a slightly greater reliability because at any given time half the earth is pointing away from the sun and the sun does not always shine. Today in So Cal the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Nuclear on the other hand has a 98% r
  13. It would be interesting to find out in volume and cost what the difference is to dispose of the waste from a nuclear power plant generating the same amount of power over the same length of time.
  14. Has anyone out there managed to put together a disc brake system for a '63 full size or similar chassis that uses either Wilwood or Classic Performance disc brake parts on the front, both supply brakes for the 9.3 Olds Pontiac rear end but nothing for the front. I purchased the only front disc brake system I could find and put it on. It does have the advantage of stopping straight, something I could never get the drum brakes to do but it is not a very efficient system it requires excessive pedal pressure to stop and as a result the rears lock up anytime the streets are wet. The proportioning v
  15. Not dream, nightmare. There is a movement afoot to recall our moron governor. If successful we can only hope that we get someone in there that has more than 12 functioning brain cells. Not likely with all the idiot voters we have on the far left coast but we can hope.
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