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Another WI GM-Tuner

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Heya everyone!

My name is Mark and I was invited to join this site by Carrie (J TO ENVY). I have a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird SE that my mom bought brand new so I basically grew up in that car! I also have a 1995 Chevy Beretta Base with a "Pontiac engine" in it lol (it came from a 1999 Grand Am GT).

I've been a member of the WI GM-Tuners since it's founding. I noticed we are starting to take over your "Introductions" section :welcomeFP:.

Annnyway, enough about me!

1990 Pontiac Sunbird SE:




1995 Chevrolet Beretta Base:





Glad to be here!

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Sweet old school J-body, and a drop dead gorgous L-body? A winnar is you.

And oh yeah, welcome to the site!

Mod list on the Beretta plz.

Thank you :). I'll post the modification list below!

Welcome to another Mark on the site! B)

Heck yes! :D. Thanks!

Beretta mod list/story:

(I copied this over from a Beretta forum I'm on :D)

1995 Beretta Base

How I started - 2004:


Current Modifications:

Swapped to Beretta Z26 Gauge Cluster W/Tach,voltage,and oil pressure (April 3, 2005)

Painted and Installed Z26 GFX and Trunk Lid with Spoiler (May 13, 2005)

Front Suspension Strut Brace (July 21, 2005)

Beretta Z26 Seats (July 30, 2005)

Flowmaster 40 Series Muffler (August 14, 2005)

Tranzgenic Cold Air Intake(April 2006)

MRZ Rear Shock Tower Brace (March 19, 2007)

MRZ Flushmount Kit "Black Betty" for Stereo (2007/2008 -- I bought this twice, the first one was snapped in half when my stereo was stolen)

.. then my 3100 blew a head gasket and I lost track of dates:

3400 Swap

FFP Dogbone

Poly Filled Upper Engine Mount

17" Wheels

E36 Headlights

Solid Grille

Z26 Fog Light/Head Light Switch

Cavalier Z24 Steering Wheel

Eibach Pro-Kit/Kyb's all around

My car is not only my project, but a tribute to Berettas that have passed:

-Z04 kit is from 92QuasarGTZ's old Z26

-Interior is from a 60k mile wrecked '96 Cayenne I found in a junkyard (my Z26 wheels and rear bumper bracket came from that car too)

-3400 is from a former enthusiast's '96 Beretta Base (installed with help of 92QuasarGTZ and scott0999)

-Engine Mounts from McGavinZ26's Supercharged '94 3400 Z26

-Fog switch and future doors are from Kev's '95 Med. Adriatic Blue Z26

-Springs and struts are from Woody's old Z26 (I sandblasted the parts and gave them some new life with the help of scott0999)

-A good portion of this car is giving life to junkyard cars as well (most of us can relate to that!)

I absolutely love Berettas! I smile ear to ear whenever I open the garage and walk up to her! It's amazing how one generation could spawn so many different looks. This was my first car that I have truly owned and she will be with me for a long time. I have made some amazing friends through this hobby and I just love it when cars that typically get made fun of have such a strong enthusiast base.

My goal once I got this car was to have as near a complete Z26 swap as I could. Besides the obvious modifications (I do still have my Z26 wheels, which I have on the car again now), I am essentially two door panels and a bit of wiring away from having a complete swap (thank you Jon (#8 SS)). I would not give up this car or it's community for any other. I hope to meet more of you some day! I love to help -- it makes my day whenever I can put a smile on someones face by helping them out whether it be through my time or giving them (usually free) parts. Thank you all! Especially the ones who have helped me over these past few years.

Thank you:

Eric (92QuasarGTZ)

Scott (scott0999)

Jon (#8 SS)

Tonya (Mommy2Ryder)

Geoff (heavywoody)

Eric (woodyGTZ)

Jon (3400-Modified)

Chad (lmnjlo)

Scott (McGavinZ26)

Devon (nitrofish)

Kelly (KelZ26)

Dustin (wicked_irocz)

Nicholas (GTU_NUT)

Erich (PsychoCack)

Eric (King_Zip)

Val (96Cayenne)

Kev (Kev)




The entire bstuff/beretta.net/berettaspeed community

All my friends in the WI GM-Tuners car club

...and anyone else who I may have forgotten!

How she sits now - 2009



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That was directly after the swap, I put the stock one back on for a while. The intake is back on. (This picture was taken at a drag strip)


Unfortunately you can't tune 94-95 Berettas as well as some others because it was a transitional phase for OBD, often called OBD 1.5. Non-removable prom. Fortunately I will be doing an OBD 1 swap this summer :welcome: (just need to make an adapter harness and get another ecm). I almost went OBD2 (I was a couple parts away from it actually) but didn't have enough time in the end to gather the parts and install before I needed the car back on the road.

Headers are in her future, whether it be custom made by my friend or bought from 60 Degree Inclusive (through wot-tech) once the beta sets are tested and re-designed.

I've got plenty of plans for this summer actually. Gonna go powdercoat happy that's for sure. I'll also be putting in a 1994 subframe and control arms to get rid of the stupid vertical bushings.

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Welcome fellow WI GM-Tuner! Thanks for joining!

We are taking over :P!

Thanks Carrie :P!


nice beretta


Oh I just found an old picture of my Beretta next to a nicer bus that was for sale :D.



Nice rides!!! :rofl:

Thank you!

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