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  1. coolmanvette75

    Show Those Car Show Awards!

    6 feet tall
  2. coolmanvette75

    Newbie here- Wbody guy

    wow. very impressive. enjoy the site
  3. coolmanvette75

    09 Vibe GT Finally Postin Pics

    nice vibe!
  4. coolmanvette75

    noob checkin in

    welcome and id like to hear this cammed 3.4
  5. coolmanvette75

    The horror... Oh the horror...

    its a sad day for corvette owners
  6. coolmanvette75

    New Member

    welcome and nice ga
  7. coolmanvette75

    Professional Pix of Your Car

    the vette when it was shot for VETTE Magazine:
  8. coolmanvette75

    1989 sunbird

  9. coolmanvette75

    The Ranting Thread

    3 little girls are sleeping over my house rite now. i wanna kill my self. help me!
  10. coolmanvette75

    Just wash your car? I DID I DID

    looks good
  11. coolmanvette75

    The Random Video Thread (NSFW???)

    that is so funny
  12. coolmanvette75

    New to the site!

    very nice car minus the fart can
  13. coolmanvette75

    Show Those Car Show Awards!

    i guess if this is true i have one giant dick
  14. coolmanvette75

    Show Those Car Show Awards!

    i think that it is very tacky. it isnt about how many trophies you have won previously, its about how nice you car is at that specific show.
  15. coolmanvette75

    The Random Pics Thread (NSFW)

    death, your doing it wrong
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