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  1. 98Grandam

    Update On My Fire

    I really hope jeff finishs those soon to morgan. I'm real curious to see what they look like even though i live 25 miles from jeff
  2. 98Grandam

    New member from WI

    the G6 is clean seen it over on our wigm-tuners forum. i finally decided to log in on here. haven't logged onto here since march 2010.
  3. 98Grandam


    south side, I live over by terry-andre state park
  4. 98Grandam


    Thanks yea, i when i first got the J-body I liked it then i kinda hated it a few weeks after i had it for a while. Started to modify it and liked it again for the fact alot of people don't know what it is or its different. I had a few pople come and ask me what type of car it was when i had it at it's first show.
  5. 98Grandam


  6. 98Grandam

    Another WI GM-Tuner

    those two cars look familer, especially the bretta LOL
  7. 98Grandam


    Yea, I had three pontiacs Morgan. I discovered wigm-tuners when i got the cavi since i was looking into modding it and found the site. All three of my pontiacs were stock. yea, I wanted to do something different and i rarly see modified cavalier sedans, mostly coupe's are modified. After modifying my sedan I see modified coupes driving around my area now. Thanks
  8. 98Grandam


    I definiatly plan on lowering it this summer, most likly on coilovers. It's currently in winter mode with steelies on it and rims in the basement. I also might plan on going for a cavalier LS look this year.
  9. 98Grandam


    Hey, my name is Tyler and I'm from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I've had three pontiacs in the past. I had two 1998 Grand am's one was a base model and the other one was a GT. I also had a 1998 Pontiac firebird. I currently drive a 2001 chevy cavalier sedan thats modified. I would like to get another pontiac after i'm done with college. I am also a member of the Wigm-tuners! My cavalier next to a limited edtition firebird
  10. 98Grandam

    Wisconsin members

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