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  1. w00t. Love it. Looking forward to more posts from Xe!
  2. Congrats to the winners, and it was cool seeing all of the participants shots! Too bad there's not enough months for all of them =).
  3. Actualy it was a Sunfire with a Z24 front clip =P. I like your plans. The blue is pretty neat. But both colors would be pretty cool. Blue would be slightly less loud than the orange. Would you still use black as an accenting color?
  4. I think he's changing them for good. However if things keep going well for him, he might be able to afford my wheels for $10,000! =P
  5. 'Bout effin' time! Now you can pay that beast off =).
  6. Yeah we can look at possible mounting locations. It could even be temporary until we hide it at a later date. I'm pretty sure the brace would interfere with it's current location. We'll see.
  7. Its a factory convertible bar. It will work just as well as an aftermarket one and be less intrusive. It looks like we would have to definitely move the cruise control module though. Could possibly mount it in a similar way to the one on that car.
  8. Next time Morgan will listen when I suggest he check his oil after taking the engine apart =P.
  9. Yeah I dunno. It worked when we flipped it around didn't it.. weirddd
  10. The sidemarkers, not the front bulbs. I'm just still confused about the reason the flasher didn't fix it though.
  11. What do you mean what about them? A resistor in the sidemarkers should do it.
  12. Oh, I thought Zach wanted to trade back your tinted tails for your other set of TYC. Guess I mis-heard.
  13. You could just swap stock lights back in when you sell it. lol
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