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  1. Yeah there was a lot. Some of it did go all of the way through, didn't take pictures of all of the new metal that was welded on.
  2. This was about three weeks ago, we fixed my horribly rusty battery tray, apparently they like to rot on Fieros: More powder coating and stuff will be done soon, when I have money... starting to exhaust my funds on this car. Especially because the turn signals keep on failing to function. Replaced the flasher once already, failed again a week ago and I have parked it for now.
  3. SuperBrightLEDs.com They specialize in plug and play and 99% of the time have a perfect fit. I go to them for all of my LED lighting. Also some more goodies: Here are the photos for the updates from around 5/24/ - 5/31 of 2014 on this car. I don't have exact dates because I fell behind.
  4. New LED license plate lights!
  5. Installed something new, I am not currently sick as hell now though. Sinus / Cold? Whatever: As for the Coilovers: http://www.fierostore.com/Product/Detail.aspx?s=59005&d=331&p=1
  6. The wheels are Nexo PX-5. They are 17's. I would love to drop the Fiero but for now, I need to spend money on more important things. $1200 for a kit is a bit pricey for me right now. Also, the other images I forgot to load: We decided to try out the interesting system that the Fiero uses. What I mean by this is that if it is equipped with the Sunroof, you can take the glass out and store it under the hood. Which we tested and thought it was awesome. We also took the seat covers off to inspect how bad the seats are. They are actually in pretty darn good shape. Minus the one tear on the dr
  7. I have some more pictures I have to pull off the IPAD but its dead rigth now lol!
  8. A bit of exciting stuff today!!! Some more pics of the most recent updates (May 3rd 2014). Cleaned the Canards out, need to be powder coated sometime. Test fitting the 17's Yup, look really good on here! Took the busted fender off to test fit the new one. Looked VERY promising, unfortunately it was catching on the door, something with the door. The fun begins! Bye shifter! Inner parts! Spare change anyone!? This is why the passenger side switch didn't work, the internals were missing from the switch... New one going in! Door panel being taken off to figure out why
  9. I'm the only one here in town. There used to be two red ones and a black one, they all have vanished Hopefully getting the windows working today and replacing the busted fender with the new one that came with the car.
  10. I've been looking into swaps. The guy I purchased it from wanted to restore it and do a 3800 Series II Supercharged swap. I'm thinking the same thing lol
  11. I'm back after a long absence. Long story short I picked up this car last weekend from a buddy. 1985 Pontiac Fiero 2m4. Needs lots of small things to make it nice again. Car came with a new headliner, engine mount, window switch for the passenger side, fender (current one has a chunk missing lol), GT rear bumper and GT sideskirt. Already replaced the motor mount, air filter, fixed the cargo dome light, changed the oil and oil filter. Car is going into the shop friday to have the serpentine belt replaced. Hopefully on Saturday I can have the driver side window working (I think its slightly off
  12. Indeed so. Car is still going well. Need to do some work to it in the spring though. Taking the HIDs out, fixing the wiring in the rear (one of the LED side markers was flickering, and when I went to look at it, it died. Wire is bad somewhere). Probably removing the LED tails and going back to stock and doing some other minor stuff. Why you ask? Because I was offered a amazing deal and I am leaning towards trading my Sunfire for Sadie's Dad's Cavalier LS Sport. I want to, but then I feel like a traitor Sooo clean and a pretty much straight up trade is too awesome to pass up... Althou
  13. So, just to let everyone know, I am not dead. Car is alive too. My job just really eats up my freetime until the weekends.
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