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What is/are the best road(s) you've driven your Pontiac on?

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What is/are the best road(s) you've driven your Pontiac on?

There are a few in Florida that I enjoy:

- The St. Petetersburg Skyway Bridge is one, this is a long, tall bridge that spans across a waterway as you go into St.Petersburg, Florida from the South. It is a toll bridge but it is worth it for the fantastic views and there are a couple spots where you can stop and get out while on the mini-islands that you hop across while off the actual bridge.

- There are a couple roads on Alligator Alley, I-75 from Naples to Miami, that span across the Everglades and there are a couple back-roads that are rarely traveled but paved that you can have some fun on. This is the area that for those of you who watch Top Gear US that Tanner drove the Veyron on.

- Scenic beach access roads, just overall great views though often crowded if you find the right time to go, not during season, can be quite nice and fun due to you can see the ocean and most of them are curvey roads. Although there is a speedlimit of 25mph on most these roads it is still nice at those speeds.

What roads do you think are the best that you've traveled on or are around you to do a Sunday drive?

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US-12 in Michigan. Winding roads small hills and multiple lakes. Exhaust note bounces off the hills and with the windows down who needs a stereo.

Back roads to Hell Michigan same as US-12 but a little slower and tighter turns.

River Road just south of Sarnia. It follows the St Clair River. There are lots of shipping traffic on the river and apple orchards all around.

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I enjoyed the autobahn around the Spangdahlem area. It's mostly farm country so the roads aren't very crowded and you can just floor it and cruise. Most of the corners were wide enough that you wouldn't need to slow down much either. I miss Germany driving...

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Illinois side of river road between Hamilton and Nauvoo. Little buggy in the later summer (river bugs, they suck) but it's right on the river, best view around here.

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I took my Pontiac on a car run with the Pontiac Club and the Thunderbird club on the M1 up to Beerwah heading towards the Sunshine Coast,it was an hours drive,straight road speed limit 110km,Onces we got out on the Motorway i had people video recording my car,while i was drivin,people drivin pass giving me the thumbs up..It was so much fun,..Lucky my daughter and her boyfriend were behind me as my Fox Tail came loose,i didnt know till we got to where we were going that it came off..love driving her on an open road :pontiac:

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I have several favorites. So take your pick:

Woodward Avenue - don't wait for the Dream Cruise - just get out on a warm spring or summer night and cruise
Gratiot Avenue - was not as big as Woodward but it was still a huge cruise scene in the Detroit area. It was second only to Woodward.
Old U.S. 27 (Indiana state line to Mac Bridge) - has been replaced by new US 127 - it was a Route 66 between Michigan and Florida back in the day. There is now an annual 4-5 day event in August called Old 27 Tour.
West Viriginia
Charleston - take the Midland Trail (aka Route 60) - the route 66 of the east. You can easily stop at Kawatha Falls state park, Hawks Nest state park, or take small detour to the New River Gorge Bridge.
Charleston to Thurmond (famous train station for the longest continous poker game in history - 14 years) - lots of winding roads and little towns - old train station is something to see
US 90 - aka Cruising the (Gulf) Coast
Drive along the Gulf of Mexico from D'Iberville, Ocean Springs, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pass Christian, Long Beach to Bay St Louis is about 40-50 mile stretch of road, beach, and ocean. I also recommend doing "Cruisin' the Coast" in October.
South Dakota
Driving anywhere in the Black Hills National Forest is scenic - US 385, Mt Rushmore, Sturgis, Lead, Deadwood, Custer St. Park, Crazy Horse Monument. I also recommend taking a run from Rapid City to Devil's Tower Wyoming (I-90 to US 14), or from Rapid City to the Badlands east on I-90 to Badlands National Park (and the infamous Wall Drugs).
Take US 191 from Jackson Wyoming thru Grand Teton National Park to US 287 through the John D. Rockfeller Memorial Parkway thru and explore Yellowstone National park

While its best known for extreme off road vehicle trails and mountain biking, driving from Moab Utah to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks is very spectacular. Lots of iconic rock formations and canyons await you there. Also, take Hwy 128 out of Moab north. This follows the winding Colorado River. You will come to some towering rock formations called Fisher Towers. Several old westerns were filmed here. There is even a picnic area. We drove north until the town of Dewey and the old Dewey Bridge.
Historic Route 66
I’ve picked up Route 66 in Joilet, drove it from Joilet, through Pontiac, to Bloomington. Long stretches of farm land. It parallels I-55 much of the way. A stop at the Route 66 Museum and now the new Pontiac-Oakland Museum in Pontiac, IL are a must. There is a restored 1920s/1930s Standard Oil gas station in Odell that is pretty cool.
Drive one of the longest continuous stretches of old historic Route 66 from Ash Fork to the California state line. You will go thru Seligman, Kingman, and Oatman along the way. Lots of scenery. The long open stretches give you a sense of what it might have been like to travel the mother road back in the day. A stop at the Hackberry General Store (between Kingman and Seligman – near the Hwy141 junction) is a must for any car guy. You will drive past old mines in the mountains near Oatman. Lots of picture taking and souvenir shopping along the way.
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Frosty we gotta go cruisin. Even if we take the Fiero and your Lemans

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Frosty we gotta go cruisin. Even if we take the Fiero and your Lemans

Count me in....just say when.

Ringo - I drive my Pontiac cross county. I built the car with that in mind. So it has been to Bloomington IL twice via Route 66, Cruisin' the Coast once, and six times to Charleston WV in the last 5 years (plus all the sightseeing in between). I'd like to do the Hot Rod Power Tour some day and return to Cruisin' the Coast. I'd like to drive the Pacific Coast Highway and the Florida Keys in it some day too.

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You take the G6 offroading and mudding? :huh:

i was mostly joking but yes and no. not in the traditional sense. a friend lives out near the fields. and when it rains, drift it till you reach the street. :D car usually gets home half brown. im still finding clumps of dirt.

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Woodward Avenue - in front of the legendary Vinsetta Garage in Berkley, MI


Odell, IL on Route 66 - a restored Standard Oil station. It's north of Pontiac Illinois.


Charleston WV - 2012 Rod Run and Doo Wop - Kanawtha Blvd - on the levy near Haddad Park. Route 60 - Midland Trail is part of this street


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Ms Notallthere's birthday. Cruised down Pine Grove Ave in Port Huron down the St Clair River. Nice cruise not much but 55 mph just roll the windows down and listen. Took her to lunch for some Mediterranean food and then home along Gratiot Ave. I should have brought a camera as we did find some nice picture spots.

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It was her Fiero with an aftermarket exhaust so yes she did.

Was Sunday her birthday? My wife's birthday was Easter Sunday.

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We went for the drive on Sunday but her birthday was Saturday.

Happy Birthday Mrs Frosty.

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