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  1. I think its a mix of everything you've said. Granted, B.F.E. (farmland iowa) isn't that bad, most of us want to drive, trucks, and try to tear them up... but still, they want to drive, and road trip. The internet is still the "new thing" here, there are plenty of nay sayers who simply would rather go do it or figure it out than look up the info on here, which amazes me. But the instant and CHEAP gratification, 30 bucks for internet vs 2000 for a turd of a car, and you can instantly see the stuff you want to see online, for free, no gas... tires, upkeep... hell it's the same reason the porn business is diminishing, they can't sell something people can get for free online. I also agree that kids are just listless, they're not even arrows without quills like they were back in my day, they're just lumps on a log. the less responsible for anything they can be, the happier they are, hand 1 an iWhatever, and thats all they need. we're in trouble America.
  2. I swear officer, she was 18 when she went in!!! Must've shrunk in there! aaaaah??? aaaaah?? okay fine.. I tried.
  3. Black hood green hood yellow hood red hood, clean hood dirty hood hairy hood... cheap hood.. If you can find hood for cheaper than a penny... F#cK IT!!!!!! *replace hood with pussy* and it's a quote from Cheech and Chong lol
  4. I like those rims in just about any finish
  5. Maybe it's one of them "espresso" packages they used to have with the white rims and lower profile tires lol (probably the fastest vehicle in that picture!)
  6. 2nd mod, put big VTEC sticker all over the hood, sideways/crooked'y lol I keed I keed!
  7. nice. vur nice. vadgepounger.jpg
  8. The block there just in case you felt the need to smash the windshield? lol Looks pretty cool man, I like those little things
  9. Fox bought it in response to NBC buying the Versus channel. They keep claiming they're not going to remove stuff and blah blah, but we all know better than that
  10. http://www.lsxtv.com/news/video-heres-why-we-want-a-cadillac-cts-v/ so was this, she even checked out her own hoots for like 10 seconds. i'm light headed and need ice. wow.
  11. they have to call it drifting because "showing off roasting your tires" doesn't roll off the tongue as easily
  12. 4 gauge will do a 2400w amp okay, Anything bigger is pretty much really used to split off of, doing a 0 gauge back to the trunk to a fusebox/splitter to run 4 off of that to multiple amps. hell I've jump started cars off 4 gauge wire lol *do not do that btw, it was an emergency and I had it in the car* Brand to brand, like I say, I've never really put a lot of thought into any of it besides that coating, with it being a car, things shake and rub.. I've also used electrical tape wrap with duct tape over that in a firewall hole(drill the hole a hair bigger, then you have some extra room to make the wire bigger through the grommet should it ever move) just as a secondary safety valve so to speak. I worry about stuff that probably shouldn't be a worry, but I would not ever want someones car burning to the ground due to me doing something halfway. But, if you got wire that says 4 gauge, and the covering is the same thickness as the wire, send it back! Something's not right there lol that actually looked like 12 gauge wire that had been dipped in plasti-dip for tools to me, I'm sure they're just trying to make a living too... That bullz kit looks a lot like the kit that came to me with my amp, I went to halfpricecaraudio and ordered everything, and they had a free install kit promo, and I got the 8 gauge kit with that little 200 watt amp, but it was good, I worried that the ends of the RCAs looked like they were ready to come off, but they were shielded wires and I had them mounted on a seat that flipped up and down, never had an issue with them, so I'd say it was okay. For soundproofing, the trunk lid, and the entire area of the trunk is a REAL good start if you're running subs, the inside of the door skin is a pretty loud area on vehicles, coating them will really help deaden the outside noise, and that is where I'd start, I mean you can go do the roof (big power will vibrate the roof, but sometimes you lose a sheet of dynomat onto your noggin) and help keep some more sound in, and even deck lid, firewall(passenger compartment side), and anywhere you can get to and see bare metal, metal resonates sound, so anywhere it is, theres the chance for road noise to come in, or your sound to escape. That's what I like about it, you can seal up a car real good, be inside jamming, and everyone around you doesn't know you've got something worth stealing, so to me it's worth it's weight in gold!
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