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  1. Original bolt pattern is 5x115 but you can also get 5x114.3 as it's close enough to fit. Normal rims were 15" (2.4L SE) or 16" (V6 SE and GT); they never came with 17" from the factory and 18" is the largest you can safely go without worrying about rubbing. I had 18" on my old GAGT and loved them but the ride was definitely a little smoother on the stock 16" rims.
  2. I noticed a serious lack of G8's in the mix! Here's my '09 G8 GXP at Donner Pass last spring.
  3. That's awesome. I wish I was still in Germany, I'd have to make a road trip to meet you! But I'm stuck in California now...
  4. Not sure on the 4 cylinder. I've got the V6 and the only way to drain it is to drop the pan on the bottom. There's also no dipstick on the V6 (and I'm guessing the 4) so you'll have to empty it and then put in the recommended amount or you'll never know how much is actually in there.
  5. Firstly, no, the ram air hoods on the GAGTs don't actually duct air into the intake. I opened the vents on mine about 7 years ago and the only difference is a dirtier engine bay. As for where to buy one...you can search local junk yards but they are hard to find now. Buying one will likely cost much more than $250 since it's too big for most 'cheap' shipping methods. Best bet is to find a used one to purchase. Keep checking Craigslist or one of the Grand Am specific forums although I haven't seen much available on them for a while...
  6. I think the article's claims that the GTO was the last Pontiac Muscle is completely forgetting the G8's existence. I think it's written purely as an opinion though since he has very few facts to support his assertions and it's all his perception of the car. Only good in a straight line? I thought the new GTOs were praised for their drifting abilities? I feel like this is the opinion of a guy who never actually drove a GTO (or a G8) and is solely going off of what he read in other car magazines. The same magazines who rarely have anything good to say about cars that don't hail from
  7. I'll throw my 2009 G8 GXP in the running this year.
  8. With only a CAI and exhaust, you'll find that the cost of tuning won't really gain much in hp. I think Milzy still tunes GA's but I'm not sure. There's very little aftermarket left for these cars and not much hp gain without some major engine/trans work. Visit GrandAmGT.com for more GA specific info and some sponsor links to the few guys who still offer parts/tuning for GA's.
  9. Great color too! I can't wait until I have the money to get my GXP over 500 hp. Way to rep the GT though!
  10. Welcome! I'm just up the road from you in Plumas Lake. Might see you around sometime!
  11. Are you installing headers too or just the catback? If it's just the catback, I say just get an adapter and keep the stock cat. I have the SLP catback on my GAGT which is 2.5" and I've only ever had the stock cat on it and now a Cali carb replacement one. I've had the SLP for about 8 years now with a stock sized cat and she still sounds wonderfully mean. She sounds similar to a V8 and the GAGT actually purrs louder than my G8 GXP with Solo axlebacks for now.
  12. FuriousGXP


  13. I'm just picking on you anyway. I know that some of the GA owners went through numerous headaches. I had a few small ones myself but not all at once so it was easily fixed before the next issue. I've been fortunate and I hope to keep her running smoothly for years to come. Probably helps that I'm normally driving the G8 and the wife normally drives her T&C minivan. The GAGT has only driven a few thousand miles in the past year or so...
  14. I blame the owner. My '03 GAGT is still going strong and all she needs is a good paint job to make her look new again. Wouldn't hurt to find a newer set of rims for her too (wish I had never sold those AT Italias's now that I was able to keep her.....)
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