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  1. It's so great to see a celebrity like Burt Reynolds so enthusiastic about a Pontiac, especially one of their most legendary cars. Although we all know this is a remake and not a true "Pontiac", the fact that there's so much enthusiasm about it just shows me that the Pontiac brand will never truly die. Even one of their legendary drivers (Reynolds) is willing to put his name on a remake. If that doesn't show that a new Pontiac Trans Am would sell (if released by GM) then I don't know what will. Long live Firebird!
  2. So yesterday was officially my 27th birthday and a former co-worker of mine who stays in touch at Staples traditionally makes everybody cakes on their birthday. She had been telling me for weeks that she had an idea for a cake for me and the next time I worked after my birthday she would get the cake to me. I was flattered but told her not to go to too much trouble and that I didn't even need a cake. Well, that didn't happen. Instead I was greeted by THIS awesome cake... a Pontiac cake, no less. Just thought I'd share it here, because, well... if I can't share it here, where else can I share it? Merry Pontiac Christmas everybody!
  3. Thank you much. I'm happy to say I've been enjoying my time immensely here so far
  4. Awesome looking ride, man! It doesn't seem to matter what year a Pontiac is, it always seems to stay in style. I may be a bit biased when I say that, but that's always been my opinion. There are a few other models of other makes that stand the test of time as well but Pontiacs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s up through the end all look like they belong in contemporary auto culture. Great to see so many left on the road
  5. On a side note (since I realize this was such a chief concern of the Pontiac population at large lol), I tried for the heck of it to re-upload my Pontiac Grand Am images and they worked! Thanks Ringo, for your help! While I was at it, I also took some new pictures (and uploaded) of my 2012 Hyundai, my current ride. Its both funny and sad when friends can't find my car because they think I still drive the Pontiac.
  6. Thats a car I'd love to drive, that is amazing
  7. Now that I think about it, there was a chance I may never have gotten to drive a Pontiac and may have missed out on this iconic brand. When I graduated high school in 2006, my grandmother bestowed upon me her long time car (which she barely drove), a 1998 Chrysler Concorde with barely any miles on it. I thought for sure I'd have that car for at least a few years but it lasted me not even 2 years before the engine seized up due to poor oil circulation (a problem which also struck certain models of Dodge Intrepids). So, I lost use of that car with only 48k on it and had to look for a new one. Now, a Chrysler wouldn't have been my first choice anyway. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice car, drove well, had a powerful engine but it just didn't feel like my style. It was gold (reg said 'tan' but that's wrong) and the inside was kind of a "meh" color beige. I definitely wanted something more sporty (and honestly, manly, since my grandmother owned the Chrysler). Other than Pontiac, I was actually kind of interested in Saturn. I drove a couple of them and liked it but for some reason, the Pontiac Grand Am became my choice car. I can't explain why but for the price and how it looked, I honestly loved it more than some of the higher end models and after a certain point, I knew I was going to get a Pontiac Grand Am, it was just a matter of what color and model because 3 different dealerships had different ones that I liked. The kicker was one dealership was offering me a 2005 model for the same price as another dealer's 2002 model. The mileage was a bit higher on the 05 but it had a CD deck, and a couple other features the 02 didn't and even though I liked the blue 2002, I didn't mind the silver and of course, the 05 Grand Am would become "my" car for a long time. I knew from day one it was the car I wanted, I took a lot of pride driving it and upkeeping it,. Everybody knew me as the "Pontiac" guy, it was my thing. I nicknamed it "Ponty Mython" and was a geek over the spoiler in the back. The reason I say I may never have driven one is because if my grandmother's car had lasted me past 2010, chances are I would've been on the market looking for a new car after Pontiac's exit and without the fandom I have now, I don't know how concerned I would've been with shopping for a Pontiac. If things had gone better with the Concorde, I may have been a Chrysler or Dodge fan and gone with a newer ones of those. In many ways, I consider what happened with the Chrysler to be a blessing in disguise. I was upset when it first happened but about a month later, when I got the Grand Am, I was quite pleased. Also on a side note, while my Grand Am was silver, THAT registration said "gray" ... seriously, who writes these color descriptions? I've seen gray cars and that one was not gray
  8. Thanks I just did and still no go. "Image move has failed". I wasn't trying to move the image -- only get it online. I can't move it if it was never on the site (well, other than this forum post)
  9. Is 1280x720 too large? It seems like other images take up a bigger window when I open them and are much higher resolution but I suppose that could be the case.
  10. So, I now have a new laptop and am able to post some pictures of my 05 Grand Am. I apologize the pictures aren't the best quality since they're still shots from videos I had made. I really wish I had taken more photos of her... (on a side note, I will be taking pictures of my 2012 Elantra soon since I have a pretty good camera). For whatever reason, the 'Garage' wasn't letting me add pictures, I even converted them to png and jpg so they would work but I always get the same error message (image move has failed). I also inadvertently made 3 Pontiac Grand Am's in the garage (I only owned 1, although 3 would be nice) and I can't seem to find a way to delet the other 2? Eh, whatever, the more the merrier, I suppose.
  11. That GTO seriously looks brand new. That's a sick ride
  12. So it's a GTO with the wheels of a G8 GT? Sign me up! Welcome to the forums!
  13. Thank you Chaos, I do believe I will
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