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  1. seventone

    New to forum in Illinois

    took the 97 GTP to a car show. Mustangs won the my class. I had the best Grand Prix. I had the only GP. lol
  2. seventone

    Howdy from Texas

    Love your GTO, Welcome to the site.
  3. seventone

    new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Wow! This is going to be a great build to follow. I think my old 98 gp had more rust.
  4. seventone

    New to forum in Illinois

    Exhaust is up next, I have a set of new SD headers, down pipe and some sweet dual tip stainless mufflers to install. i am just waiting for the pipes in-between and resonator to get it all on. going with these guys in 2.5" stainless http://www.mandrelexhaustsystems.com/products/97-03-pontiac-grand-prix-dual-exhaust-tubing-system.html and the red hots glass pack from summit for the resonator http://www.summitracing.com/parts/big-50252flt/overview/
  5. seventone

    New to forum in Illinois

    Here is a before and after, have a look.
  6. seventone

    First car show for my 97 GTP

    This is the first car show i entered a car in. I took my 1997 Grand Prix GTP. I had a great time. I had the only Grand Prix of any year. I was great having people come up and show interest in it. There were some other great Pontiacs there too. I saw some awesome GTOs, TAs, Firebirds. and even a Chieftain.
  7. seventone

    New to forum in Illinois

    Suspension went well. replaced almost every thing. I did not install any lowering springs but I do have a set of B&g springs on my parts car. I will probably put them on next spring. These new moog springs and struts look too high i will give them a few months to see if they settle down. The ride is pretty stiff but good. I also replaced all of the engine and transmission mounts and did some rust repair and painting when i was under there.
  8. seventone

    New to forum in Illinois

    Thanks Guys. I just added a SLP Ram air hood last weekend and i have a big suspension replacement planned this weekend. moog and dorman parts
  9. Hi I am a new guy to the forum. I drive a 97 Grand Prix GTP coupe. I also have 3 other GPs another 97 GTP 2001 GTPs one red and one silver. All of them are coupes. I have seen a bunch of awesome Pontiacs on this forum.
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