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  1. RPerry435

    2016 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries

    I would like to enter my 2004 GTP CompG. 3years in the making. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  2. RPerry435

    My Bagged 04 CompG

    Thanks man. I hear that alot makes me feel all fuzzy inside lmao
  3. RPerry435

    Win a 2015 FP Calendar

    Mmm calendar
  4. RPerry435

    POTM Banter

    Well let me correct myself i was reading this thread and thought It said jedi won i post a reply and the whole thread changed lol... Tapatalk is difficult
  5. RPerry435

    POTM Banter

    I guess im confused.
  6. RPerry435

    My Bagged 04 CompG

    Except for steep inclines and speed Bumps lmao
  7. RPerry435

    My Bagged 04 CompG

    Only low when it needs to be
  8. RPerry435

    My Bagged 04 CompG

    Haha thanks guys. Few years in the making
  9. RPerry435

    POTM Vote, February 2015

    Goodluck everyone
  10. RPerry435

    My Bagged 04 CompG

    Heres a few shots of my GTP
  11. RPerry435


    Thats an awesome looking g8
  12. RPerry435

    Wanted to Say Hello, Bagged CompG here

    Airbagit.com is my just my struts assemblys i pieced every thing else together
  13. RPerry435

    Wanted to Say Hello, Bagged CompG here

    Yeah i drive it daily just not in the winter
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