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  1. How many fluid quarts do I need for the transmission on my 01 grand am se? It's a 2.4L automatic transmission but im new at this I've never changed tranny fluid on a car and which oil do you recommend for me?
  2. Yeah i know, i often travel to race in LA, San Diego and sometimes to Texas
  3. Where did you buy it girl? it's the last and the final thing i need to finish my GA
  4. A really beautifull GAGT the paint is in perfect condition, did you buy the ram air hood or it came with the car?
  5. Hello Krystal my name is Angel nice to meet you, I think im following you on instagram by the descriptions of your car but im not really sure..,
  6. you're very helpfull, thnx dude! Another question: how can I change the transmission oil? it's difficult or not because I was searching for videos on youtube but the only result was the 2.2L ecotec (2002) and mine is 2.4L twin cam (2001) if you could hep me with a link i will be very grateful for your help.
  7. Hello again, this time I need another hood and I want to install the ram air hood on my 2001 grand am, where can I find it for a good price? New or used for $250 or less
  8. Thanks!! By the way, witch Flowmaster or magnaflow should I pick? It's a v4 but I don't want the sound like a honda guy, and only have 1 muffler with dual tip, but today i'm gonna put the a brand new muffler on the other side to get 2 mufflers with dual tip
  9. Hello everyone i'm new at this site, but today I came here with a couple of questions... I have a 2001 2.4L twin cam Grand Am SE but I really want to do some mods to gain some extra HP, what can I do for it? and what can I do for an aggressive sound? I was thinking about putting a supercharger or turbocharger but what do you recommend for me? Recently mods on the car: performance camshaft, air intake, autolite xp iridium spark plugs, racing thermostat and ported heads.
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