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    Pontiac cars, old John Deere tractor restoring, love most dogs especially golden retrievers, golden doodles, old English bulldogs. Horses and trail riding.

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  1. Hopefully only near extinction. No sense getting in a hurry! Lol!
  2. Hmmm, no wonder the world is as it is. Catdog, Rockos Modern Life?? Never heard of them. I'm only 70 but maybe that puts me in the dinosaur age?!
  3. Hmmm, no wonder the world is as it is.
  4. The first one happens sooner than you think!!!
  5. The last two are right on. Although I never would wear a ponytail!! Yeah, the plastic worthless twisty ties they put out now
  6. The last two are right on. Although I never would wear a ponytail!!
  7. Congrats JJ. Beautiful ride!
  8. Did I miss something about "The Alex"?? Not funny or anything else either.
  9. OMG, my eyes are watering!!!!! The family album is not bad either....
  10. I can relate to the first picture. Been there too many times!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸΊπŸΊ
  11. Congratulations Jack! Nice sedan!
  12. 64 kiwi Bonnie has the first question correct. Good job on that! Just saw your second answer kiwi boni. You are the winner!! Alice in wonderland by Lewis Carroll is where White rabbit is based on. Oh what a song and what a voice!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. No Justag6 that's not the correct answer. Let's see if anyone else gets it.
  14. You wanted a tougher '60's rock and roll question. Now without looking it up tell me: What was the name of the band Grace Slick started with? Also, the song "White Rabbit" is based on this book. What's the name of that book?
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