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Dyeing the interior in the GA

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So I started this project a month or two ago. Going good so far, got the door panels done, the headliner, the rear deck wrapped, painted the speaker grills, door trim pieces...Just got to finish up the door trim pieces, and rip the dash out and dye it..Pics

What I started with


After Sanding


First Panel finished


First panel with dyed insert completed and glued in



Console Lid


First panel in the car











I also have the trim pieces and the window switches panel painted. Also Nightshaded the switches so they are black and glow red at night..Pics of that up later..headliner also is darker in person..lemme know what you think

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you sanded the whole door panel? how is the headliner? how does it look? and how is the dye holding up? and it looks great.

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Well, got an update! Ripped out the dash and looks horrible in there now lol...First pic kinda show's the door trim bezel's and the tweeter. I'll get better pics of the door's with a digi tomorrow..



Completely out


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It actually wasn't bad. Other than the airbag in the steering wheel and actually removing the wheel with no puller. Putting it back in should be more fun..lol right

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wow great work! are you going to make the rug & seats black too to match? Also how durable it this?

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pretty durable. I will be replacing the carpet with Black carpet eventually. As far as the seats, prolly next year put a full 2 tone Black and silver Katskins..

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I was feeding them some Bread lol..but they come here everyday and chill for a few hours..should have the trimming's primered and painted tomorrow and tuesday. Gotta be done for this weekend...

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hey, i want to do the same to my interior since its not all the same black or dark charcoal...whatever the color is. did you jus spray the dye on the dash and door panels and thats it? and since its been a few days dry already, does it look glossy like paint? or like OEM black? cuz i want mine black but look stock. and how is it on cloth materials like the headliner? or that fuzzy stuff at the back surrounding the rear speakers?

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I sanded it with 400grit and then wiped with rubbing alcohol. I didn't clear, would be blinding. Looks just like an oem panel and everything..the fabric didn't turn out as perfect as I wanted, but it will do...

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so you sanded the door panel? isnt it jus clean and spray? i cant sand mine, its textured.

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mine is textured as well, it's just to get imperfections and any oil or grease off the plastic. I didn't sand till smooth, just a quick scuff, wipe, spray, done..

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