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  1. Yea. You just have to keep your comments to yourself there, and your ok. I'll voice a small one, but usually just let it go. Your car, your money kinda thing. But anywho, hope to make this, since Albany's date has been released, and it's in July. So, we'll have to see how it works out. If it's the same week, maybe I'll just make a week out of it! lol
  2. I said everyone, just just the canucks, lol. Anyways, I've been wanting to meet some new people from up there.
  3. Oh, I'm not inviting them, just saying I've met the Canadians that your referring to is all. I liked most everyone I've met face to face on gaoc personally.
  4. Chris, I think I know some of the members you don't like. Matter of fact, I've probably met most of them. I'll see who would be willing to come, I'm sure Stormtec_2.0 (Sean) will come, he's from Buffalo.
  5. Depeding on where it's at, I'd be willing to make the drive, if it's ok for a GAOC regular to attend. I've been to alot and organized alot of meets, mostly GAOC related. It would also depend on exactly when, I'm not aloud to take off to much time close together. I go to Albany every year, just waiting for the date release. I'm 9-10 hrs from MA, would you consider moving it 3 hrs West? lol But I don't expect you to change location for 1 guy, but I'm sure a few of my buddies from GAOC would make the drive..
  6. Thanks for the oppurtunity to win a calander. To bad I wasn't able to email back in time, or I might have made it in.
  7. Also, compare how the G6 airbag wires up. I know there is a weird spring wire in the GA, but that's all I remember from when I took the wheel off..
  8. Yes, I believe it's just an adhesive. Maybe you can call the dealer, get a part number, and look it up on gmpartsdirect.com. That's where I buy alot of odd's and end's.
  9. Bummer, I didn't get the pic to you in time...
  10. That and gosh, did it help with stopping! lol
  11. Bigger indeed. They are a dual piston caliper, compared to a single. Plus the bigger break pads and rotors help stop quickly. But I guess I wanna be, as fast and stop as fast as a Corvette. I also understand people may not care for them saying Corvette, and that's ok with me. I guess it makes the mod stick out a little. To much? That's for you to judge, and me to enjoy
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