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  1. don't know about the whole candle thing but use something other than those 4 way lug wrenches if you want any kind of leverage. i use a 2 foot breaker bar on lugs when i don't have an impact around and they always break free.
  2. it did suck seeing it go especially after all the wrench time that went into it.. ah well there shall be another vehicle with a modded engine in my future. probably not anytime soon though.
  3. that was about 7yrs ago i built the engine..very shortly after that i just lost interest and like i said i tried to move forward with it and bring back my excitement for it.. don't get me wrong i liked the way it sounded and it was fun to drive. but paying 600 a year to insure something that's only being driven maybe a month a year plus all the hassle with getting an inspection sticker..that was the biggest pita. no one wanted to touch it, every place told me it was too loud. then i had to spend way more time than i wanted to drive around and try and find a place that would touch it. now keep in mind i live in a small town surrounded by small towns so places are all scattered and few and far between..
  4. it was time to go. i haven't driven it in over 2yrs..it hasn't moved since i got the outback and i've had that for almost 2yrs this july. it sat for another year before that. i got bored with it years ago but figured since i went through all the crap to get the engine built .. i'd try and power through it and maybe it would reignite my enthusiasm for it but that never happened and then i just got sick of it..
  5. well after sitting for awhile i finally got rid of it. and by awhile i mean like 3yrs. last pics of it before it left to it's new owner. it's like a damn lowrider compared to my outback
  6. based on the hotel i found and the time of year i'm looking at the middle of sept for this..
  7. but the ram 1500 with the v6 diesel get's more hp and tq and very similar mileage..i'm not a fiat fan and i'm waiting to see how the v6 diesel does on reliability but if i was buying a truck now i'd go for the ram..diesel for diesel i'm aiming towards the ram.. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2015/06/2016-chevy-colorado-duramax-2016-gmc-canyon-duramax-vs-ram-ecodiesel/
  8. probably the same thread you found but when i googled tech2 clone this popped up.. http://www.pontiacbonnevilleclub.com/forum/general-chat/topic43833.html i mean hell for the price and being able to access the abs part is worth it.. i priced out dedicated abs readers and they were close to what this thing goes for..
  9. i picked one of these up for the portable side..got the torque app too..this works if you didn't go with communist apple with your phone.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281203432700?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT i also have this bought way before the above..paid like $200+ for it.. along with reading and clearing codes it does some data logging and monitor checking.. http://www.amazon.com/actron-cp9175-autoscanner-diagnostic-vehicles/dp/b000fjs8o6
  10. you should be more scared with that bear sitting on your legs... cute kitty too.
  11. get one of those propane torches you solder plumbing with and just turn the gas on and wave it around the engine when it's running..easiest damn way ever i found the vac leak i had on the GA years ago..
  12. spray the maf cleaner on it and have a fantastic day...
  13. pc master race..said computer is a few years old and has a 2600k 16gb ram and a gtx 690 along with a samsung 840 pro and like 8tb of hard drives. My T800 hauling some military ish and then my Pete 389 hauling some military ish
  14. cool sounds like a good deal..looks like i'll be basing my plan off of leaving from that airport.
  15. nice sounds like a smooth deal..just waiting to see if there's a difference between spring/fall prices..
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