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  1. RamAir Restorations Manifolds. 3” long tubes, three inch pipes to Spintech mufflers. 24” long pipes 3” obviously. Then turn downs. Motor is a 400 bored and stroked to 468 IMG_1081.MOV
  2. I mentioned I could read between lines and that makes me feel like I was getting what you were putting down!! AWESOME!!
  3. That I can appreciate.. that’s something substantial. THANK YOU!! I can read between the lines.. I really appreciate that. That being said.. I could not find a real good oil for a Honda I had, it had a wet clutch and people got funny about that.. I finally found someone that swore by rotella T5 and I had great success with that. 15-40 isn’t far off from 2O-50 I’ve also seen 10-30 Rotella!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  4. I have been having a lot of problems keeping my transmission holding together. I’ve built a 700r4 and smoked it the first week. Took it out and sent it back in and the upgraded the internals and I put it back in. Took it out this afternoon and I made sure 100% the tv cable has PLENTY of pull. I have an extra spring on the end of the cable and it still shifts “greasy” NOT firm. I’ll pull it AGAIN and make sure the pump is not leaking somewhere... but I now have the opportunity/option to buy a NV833 or A833 4 speed. Has anyone done this swap. I’m probably going to make this change.. any desire f
  5. Thank you for the great info, can I ask a question? Not trying to be smart at all.. but.. I just read through almost all of this thread.. what exactly does an oil expert recommend for a street car? Again I feel you are probably the one we should be listening too.. right??? I don’t mean viscosity that should be more left to the climate of the owner, I get that much. I’d like to hear you say a recommendation on brand and type? You have convinced me sir. I read a little nod to Castrol but can I make you give a real honest “I recommend “ this : Again your insight has been really good reading, t
  6. I. NEVER wanted anyone to kick sand. This was supposed to be an informative thing from the start. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. I’ve been a Master Diesel mechanic for year and tears... thing thing about oil samples is you’re good, you’re good, you’re good, you’re fucked. Now that being said.. if you are hauling a perishable product and a breakdown is an CATASTROPHIC event.. then oil analysis is definitely worth the money.. if not I would recommend cutting your oil filter at changing and look for glitter.. WAY cheaper!! Jmho!!!
  8. Absolutely, I never tried to make an argument... I’m sorry if I came off like and a$$ we are absolutely 100% good. Like I said.. I Really appreciate the great info🙏🙏🙏 Car guys gotta stick together!!!
  9. Sure, I can do that Kiwi! TBN stands for total base number. This comes minimally from the base stock of oil but mostly from the additive package. This numbe This is kinda what I was looking for when I started this post... what do You run.. and why.. maybe Dad did.. maybe you had a bad experience with X brand.. this was supposed to be just a round table chat... THATS ALL!!!
  10. Disqualified.. Chevy!?!?! Just messing.. great Not a common Pontiac!! Thumbs up.. but seriously find a 400 Pontiac you won’t be disappointed!!😇
  11. I’ll look tomorrow at work from my desk top not my stupid phone .. especially after looking at my spell check and Grammer from the other night. I will however state that from the beginning of this post.. I said roll call.. which means hey everyone.. what oil do you use and why??????? It was a conversation topic to start.. I’m not looking back at my exact words tonight.. but it was basically here it what was recommended to me.. NOT this is my oil!!! That’s why I even started this post.. I’ve never even heard of Brad Penn until I had my 468 built by probably the best engine builders in West Mich
  12. Man.. I bet you are the LIFE at parties!! JK .. great info!! I’ve seen my machine shop build engines that spend their time above 10,000 rpm think about that for just a moment. I absolutely appreciate your in put that’s why I started this post.. that being said please don’t try to put down someone’s intelligence when it comes to oils recommendations... I don’t drive a taxi!!! There are countless Doctors prescribing medicine that is NOT FDA approved.. Honestly I absolutely love tour input.. but because the don’t work on taxi cabs does not mean the donknow oil. Side note they also rebuild every e
  13. So my machine shop highly recommended Brad Penn/Penngrade oil. This is the first time I’ve used it. I do not have a problem spending the extra money on good oil. I just thought this would make for a nice topic. I’m sure there are a lot of opinions on this. Stay healthy and let’s hear the stories guys!!!
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