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  1. Was there Saturday. Bigger and better than ever. So many absolutely beautiful Pontiac. Been going to this event from the beginning. Only missed 4 times. Firehawk club, tempest club half dozen Can Ams.....Fell in love with a black 69 GTO with white interior, 4spd, hideaways. All stock and absolutely perfect. He wouldn't sell it for any price. Great time. If you love Pontiacs, its a must go. p
  2. 4th gen headlight fix

    Well, finally got around to changing to the brass gear in my formula headlight motor assembly. After looking closer it was apparent it had been worked on before. In fact it was coming apart. The glue failed on the seem and let the gears slip. After apart I could see someone had already flipped the gear over. Now both sides were worn. It was simple enough to change the gear and re-assemble. To insure enclosure wouldn't come apart again I filed down the area where the 3 screws went through the plastic enclosure so when using larger washers they would hold the enclosure together. Never coming apart now. Lights works great.
  3. 1970 Pontiac Trans Am

    1970 Pontiac Trans Am
  4. 1996 potiac Formula WS6

    1996 potiac Formula WS6
  5. My 1970 Trans Am at the end of a local gathering. DrDave
  6. 4th gen headlight fix

    Thanks for your input. Will post when complete work. Working on the TA now.
  7. 4th gen headlight fix

    Just wondering if anyone has converted to the brass headlight gears that can be purchased at this site......http://www.bfranker.badz28.com/headlightfix/index.htm. Got them to fix the gear grinding that is so common with these cars. Never installed them. Wanted to try the quick fix described on the webpage first. Well, finally got around to the quick fix. It was relatively simple to do but now the grinding occurs when closing vs opening. I suspect this simple fix was already done to this car before I purchased it. Now both sides of gear are ground down. This requires me to replace the plastic gears with the brass. My question is.... Has anyone done this conversion and how difficult was. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. I will post how it went after conversion is done. Hopefully, sometime this spring.
  8. POTM Vote, March 2016

    Love those early 90's Pontiacs. Had a Bonneville SSE. Another sorry I sold it story.
  9. let the games begin
  10. I'm in.
  11. POTM Nominations, February 2016

    https://foreverpontiac.com/garage/vehicle/147-pontiac-le-mans-sport-coupe/ Eddie Cipollari, 1973 LeMans Sport Coupe
  12. Mecum Kissimmee 2016 was amazing!

    It was a great auction. Watched much of it online. First time I watched online and liked it. No commercials and you don't miss any vehicles. Loved those poncho's. Especially those early 70's GTO's and TA's. One day I will make it in person to one of these.
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