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  1. Wow--I am truly honored. Many, Many thanks to all who take the time to enter and vote--and kind congratulatory posts herein... Monte
  2. Great--everyone deserves a second chance--THANKS to all who voted to put us in this position--and for those votes yet to come,,, Monte
  3. Once again--you got my vote,,, Congratulations!
  4. Congratulations--a nice Indian,,, you got my vote...
  5. Nice Bonne,,, you certainly got my vote. I would now feel better if you would furnish/attach a current picture (vs. 1985 pix provided...) -- let's see how this "baby" is today...pretty please!
  6. Congratulations...you got my vote! I'm not only old-school--but old too! Randy: sorry to hear of you dilemma--that really sucks, BIG TIME. Continue fighting!! Monte
  7. Congratulations & Welcome... I'm a BIG fan of the color, which also just happens to include my name (MONTEro…), and "red-lines" !
  8. My car (58 Bonne), 58 Bonneville Sport Coupe, recently added "COVID19" wide whitewalls. (Coincidently car is featured in upcoming May FP Calendar!)
  9. All NICE, but I'm partial to the older ones--just like me! Congrats Jim...
  10. THANKS for chart/table/pix. OK, the plot thickens---my existing '76 350 should have the 5 mount holes (presumably all drilled?)--but I'm now unable to verify such, as I cannot get/see under car. It also looks like I now have some kind of custom mount(s)--as this engine is now in my 58 Bonne. I don't know whether 2 or 3 mounting holes are now used... I do not yet have a 400 engine, and was now seeking some heads-up info as to what year(s) engine I should look for to facilitate such a swap. As I don't have the car at my house, I'll try to check head Casting No. the next time I can get to car and sneak a peek! THX again,,,
  11. Frosty, thx for the prompt reply. That sounds like the good news I was looking for! Assuming I now have two-bolt motor mounts, do you know what years the Poncho 400s also have the 2-bolt motor mounts? [I would certainly like to avoid any block-drilling.] Also, do you (or anyone else on this board) have any insight as to what port shape heads I would have on my existing '76 350 and what year 400s would have the other port-shape you referenced? Thx again for your help...
  12. Considering replacing a '76 Pontiac 350 engine with a 400 (for more grunt). Now attached to a 200 4R tranny (currently could use new converter as lockup is slipping when "warm"). Current stock engine (dog) and tranny. What are the fitment issues (motor mounts?, engine length to fit exist tranny?, accessory brackets?, exhaust manifolds interchange?, etc?). Would I likely be better off just swapping-in a warmed-up 350. Want to stay with Pontiac. $ budget rather limited. I should likely just crack open a jug of Dickel, take multiple aspirin, lay down & get over it!!
  13. What happened to my entry? Seems like lotsa omissions/oversights. How do we recover from those votes already cast, possibly missed--now being added somewhat late in the game??
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