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  1. I'm not going to do any mods I can't reverse or take to the next car or remove and sell when I turn it in. Right now, thinking stb (front & rear) and sway bars (front & rear), and perhaps a couple other susp. add-ons they have for them. I'd like to do coilovers but they're EX-PEN-SIIIIIIIIVE. HIDs (35W 6000k) are on order, got a couple LEDs on order for some interior stuff, and I'm thinking about doing LED switchbacks for the turn signals. And of course, the subwoofers will be going in at some point, I just need to get a new box (old box is too wide). Other than all that, we'll see as time goes on.
  2. Six speed auto ... I will agree with you, the EXs are a bit blander, but the only real difference is the motor and cosmetic stuff. For instance, the black portions of the front bumper are painted a glossy black on the SXs. I'm leasing this one (first car in my name), and really wanted a Koup. It was what I could afford with my credit and price range. Give me 3 years, I'll have an SX fully loaded. But for now, the EX is pretty awesome The gauge cluster is wicked awesome. What I find weird though is that there's no temp gauge. At all. Anywhere. And yes! I managed to trick someone with the blurry pic! ... Just 3, the 4th you see is a Honda CUV. And then there's a Chrysler van back there as well.
  3. I'm only posting this because I'm afraid Alex may kill me if I go a day longer without posting pics. Enjooooy. BONUS PIC! Mom's new 2006 G6 GTP Hardtop Droptop Bonus points to the person who can correctly guess the number of GMs in this last pic
  4. Eh. I think the chrome in the headlamps is throwing it off for me, otherwise it looks good. Did they say if it's a wrap or painted?
  5. It was for sure Alex, as I think I'm the only one on FP that lives out in the area, and it wasn't me ... And Alex is closer to Short Pump than I am. Also, welcome to FP, and nice G8! EDIT: Just sent a text to Alex, he confirmed it was him.
  6. Well, cuzz I'm lazy, of course... I'll post some soon.
  7. That's what I thought, too, 'til I test drove it.
  9. She's gone. Traded her in on Tuesday for a 2011 Kia Forte Koup (I expect there to be no fans of this on here... losers ). Kind of bittersweet, I'll miss the 6, but it was time. I wasn't happy with it anymore. Hopefully someone will get more enjoyment out of it then I've had the last few months.
  10. I've seen them in person, that taillight tint has SRSLY faded. Also... Lower your car, already
  11. She speaks troof. VA cops suuuuuck. It's good to hear we have another VA member.
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