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  1. I have this too and it only cost $20 for the ALDL Bluetooth connector. Works great. I am throwing a code for lean bank 1 and bank 2. I think it is a dirty MAF but we shall see. Has anyone gone online to pull down their data? The map of your route and spreadsheet is BAD OSCAR!
  2. a solution for the LE5 intake... hrmmm... howabout the LSJ SC Swap... it is uber common on the ion, cobalt and G5 crowd. that is the only intake you will ever need. Forced Induction
  3. Um.... So my buddy filmed this a while ago and it has received over a million hits. I know what everyone says about an Integra with a swap but this will change your mind! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMdUo43-qu0
  4. I ordered a OBDII scanner that connects to my fone brah.. but it is not here yet. Also my 5yr 100,000 mile warranty ends in Aug of this year so if it was something fo realz i wanted them to take care of it. Plus I got a Regal Turbo to drive as a loaner.... it is gold.... i know PICS or STFU... give a minute...
  5. So... It has been a while since I have been on FP. Sorry guys with my son and work I have been swamped. Anyways... I have been experiencing some very hard shifting when driving my car. I called the dealership and asked them to diagnose it because I was told that there might be a bad sensor within the trans that is causing the line pressure to be high and not shift properly. Well $139 later and I was told that my trans is shifting bad because of my aftermarket intake. They said that the Mass Air Flow sensor is bad. Also they want to replace a tie-rod and ball joint on my front passenger wheel. 450 for the Mass Air Flow, 125 for the tie rod and 380 for the ball joint. THEN i would have to get an alignment done to adjust the toe. I asked them specifically if they experienced the hard shifting and he said no but that the best course of action is to replace the MAF sensor and retest. WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER WITH THOSE IDIOTS! I asked them for a list of the codes that were stored and I was not given them. When I go to pick the car up today I will demand the list of codes.... UGH, any thoughts?
  6. Honest to god i feel like the slotted only are 100000000 timrs better than the drilled and slotted i used to have on the car. It also may be because i had 0 pad surface left but that is another story. My car was not safe to drive...
  7. SO... i installed BLACK Cquence Ultimate Slotted Rotors and removed the red brake caliper paint. i have BLUE calipers now. i know i know... PICS OR STFU.... so when i get home later tonight i will take a picture or two and you can see the magic
  8. Damn... sounds like that car gave you a run for your money... glad it is all back together and looking GREAT! you have such a great setup. One day i want to see if that SC setup fits on the G6 3.5 (LZ4). let me know when you are ready to sell it! cheers!
  9. Making the gaugr pod s not tough but remember to smooth out your pass a-pillar and paint it too so you march. I have made 2 double gauge pods and 1 tripple.
  10. did your gauge pod come from glowshift? i didnt see a listing for a G6. did you do something sneaky like a cobalt a-pillar? LMK
  11. oh shit son... did you roll that faaaker? Tell me a story!
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