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  1. stewartfn20

    Davids build thread 2

    gonna add .075 compressed thickness cometic head gaskets to the list. itll drop compression to 11.6:1. a little more managable
  2. stewartfn20

    Davids build thread 2

    well its not my pic but i just ordered these this morning. already in the mail, and my fuel pressure gauge sold while i was at work so ill be purchasing the head studs later today. with the pistons i selected, compression will be bumped from 9.1:1 to 12.3:1. hopefully not too high to run on pump gas
  3. stewartfn20

    Davids build thread 2

    for those that dont know, my mods are 3500 heads comp 986 springs, locks and retainers ported intakes 65 mm tb ss headers cai custom 2.5 in cat back ls lifter springs 1393 grind cam,specs are:205.2/205.4 @ .050 duration, 264.6/264.6 @ .006 duration, .533/.533 lift. 110 LSA to compliment the cam ive decided to go high compression. with dohc 3.4 pistons. additional parts will include tri metal con rod bearings , and head studs. other parts are just replacement parts like intake and head gaskets
  4. stewartfn20

    markpetersonii's 03 Mercedes-Benz E500 Sport

    nice benz
  5. stewartfn20

    SX Racing Spoiler neutralized

    sweet, looks good
  6. not everyone can be handed a silver spoon. and red97gpgt, how long ago was that? just curious
  7. stewartfn20

    [ChaosweaveR]'s Grand Am GT Progression

    leds: customgrandam.com thats where i got mine. or superbrightleds.com. i got some from there too
  8. wait your how old? 19? sorry to say but theres no way on hell you have enough credit history to finance a 25k+ car. been there done that
  9. stewartfn20

    Guess the car!

    there was one on gaoc that i started and insted of easy headlights and tails it was engines...it died
  10. i was being sarcastic, just incase you were wondering
  11. so does that rev app display kr and timing advance and that kind of junk nvm, it only records things that i dont care about and i drf aint paying 40 bucks for it. ill save my money and get HPT
  12. that thing should be alright untuned............................
  13. stewartfn20

    My new toy

    damn 1k, not bad
  14. im gonna be completely random here. lime green, or flouresent green..lol
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