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1989 sunbird

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i just got an 89 sunbird le with a 2.0L. i wanna do just a few little mods to it. like a cowl hood, a 2-3 inch rear end lift. i wanna make it look like a drag car. so far i havnt found any hoods would one work off an 89 chevy z24?

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Wow... dont tell me your car is silver?

if it is you have my first car...

That 2.0 OHC motor is a bitch if you spin a rod. it is made in Brazil and the berrings are a funky size. Shit i blew that mother effer up twice...

Show me pics!!!!!

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Aww man i just saw your post about an aftermarket radio...

it fits down at the bottom by the gear selector. you will have to cut the plastic and leave the factory Square unit alone.

it might be weird but that is what you have to do. that whole unit up top ahs to stay.

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you should check out my progression thread. i have a 94 sunchicken. i havent had it running long (starter went bad) but i've already done some decent modding to it. you would not believe the difference a port and polish does for the intake and head! dont worry theres pics to show you what i mean!

i havent seen your radio post yet, but i am putting my cd player in the heater control area, and relocating the heater controls to the factory radio position. havent finished yet, and its a bitch, but it would look alot better than bolting it to the bottom of whats there, which is one of the two other ways to do it.

ill go post in that thread now. edit- wait, was that this forum? i cant find it if it is.

anyway, the third way to do it is find a car that had the center console piece. a cdplayer will bolt into it and look stock. i would have gone that route but im using that area for cupholders :D

about raising the rear. you might be interested in the rear shock conversion im doing, since the ass end does like to sag ALOT. perhaps when i finish i'll sell you some shock adapters so you too may bolt in some suburban shocks!! its more than shocks really tho since the shocks im using also have coilover helper springs. im not sure about where my height will come out yet but i should be getting to work on that in the next few days!

linky to my thread: http://foreverpontiac.com/index.php?showtopic=477

also, are you coupe, sedan, or vert?

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:lol2: Nice to see another Sunbird guy. Our cars may not be rare by production but they are getting that way due to age and how they tend to be disposable.

yeah, an 89Z hood will be a direct bolt-up. along with the rest of the kit, if you're interested. If you really want to lift the rear end, get some wagon springs.... but i don't recommend it. the only reason to lift the rear is to help with traction at the strip, and i use my helper bags for that. on the street i leave them at around 17psi which gives it the just perfect stance.

let me know if there's anythign you need with the car, i'll help ya out :rofl:

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Welcome! I'm a huge fan of the '88 Sunbird GT turbos. Sweeeeet cars. I would love to own one someday. I'm a J-body enthusiast since I have a Sunfire. I owned an '87 Sunbird Hatchback for almost a year but decided to sell her since I didn't have the time to give her the proper love she deserved. The new owner is converting her to a first gen Cavalier hatch, which makes me a bit sad but at least she's getting love!

My roommate and I are also willing to help you out if you have any questions about your birdy. He has a '90 Sunbird SE himself, as well as a '95 Beretta.

Welcome to Forever Pontiac!

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