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  1. kaymo

    Unique take on AWD

    anyone seen the durocco? durocco.com about the dragging the other motor down thing... with two automatics it really wouldnt be a problem. if one moto anyone seen the durocco? durocco.com about the dragging the other motor down thing... with two automatics it really wouldnt be a problem. if one motor had a tad more power, it would simply take more of the effort needed to push the car off the other engine. dual engine manual trans would probably need to be matched a little closer, but it still would only have a problem with one out-revving (and then spinning the tires) the other at max throttle and high rpm.
  2. hahaha innit great? i actually drove it like this for a good while while.... just now got around to tearing it down. i thought it was the rings but i was obviously wrong
  3. kaymo

    So listen to this

    1000 dollars to me is a lot, but im just saying it could have been more selling a car.. im a cheap ass. my crx was 400 dollars originally, so dont think im saying its not a big hit didnt you see my thread about gettin ripped for 90 bucks? im still chasing that bastard...
  4. kaymo

    92 laser gone

    did you even try to get the hose? or just the camera? wow... thats all i can say... oh and bad fuel line yes... bad ground does not burn your car to the ground...
  5. kaymo


    ok ive had two of those four door hondas... first one crappy stock and second was fully modded and was a great car... BUT NEVER WOULD I DO THAT UGLY SHIT TO IT! i want a grappling hook in my car so i can grab those and yank them off! i bet its still got the stock motor! altho i will admit, that at 110 in a crosswind a smaller wing would have been nice... the back end would pick up and push...
  6. kaymo

    My 6 is dead

    so you take it for a power drive yet? lose any? if not, and your coolant stays good, i wouldnt worry about the compression test oh and you're welcome for the advice. nice to be recognized for your knowledge
  7. kaymo


    more air for the radiator keep from overheating lol
  8. kaymo

    So listen to this

    damn dude that sucks bad! at least it was only 1000! would have sucked if it were more. you should contact the secret service directly and inform them, since they are who actually handles counterfeit money. granted it might not do anything, but doing everything you can never hurts. also, if he hasnt registered the car, you could go get a duplicate title... then put a lien or something on it.
  9. kaymo

    My concert v card is no more pics n vids

    from the forum rules: DO NOT Use short abbreviations like in AIM chat or anything. Please use full sentences like you are chatting in a formal email. l hope you don't write your formal emails like that. it was so jumbled i didnt even try to read. my first concert was WEIRD AL YANKOVIC and i listened to nickleback before they were famous... now every song sounds the same..
  10. my buddy drove his right after and used the piss out of the brakes to heat them up and bake it on. seemed to work fine. he used the spray blue tho. BTW your front driver tire looks low
  11. kaymo

    My 6 is dead

    just talked to him. he's looking good. and he's a LUCKY one! sounds like he didnt actually hurt anything! sam, i totally remember that. wasnt it like a four cyl mustang or something?
  12. kaymo


    He has decided to respond. altho i seriously doubt he's going to send my parts, he replied there as well as on my forum REDPEPPERRACING.com
  13. kaymo

    My 6 is dead

    you guys in cali? how far away from san fransisco? i could use some help tracking down a fat retarded chinese asshole....
  14. kaymo

    I think i blew the torque converter

    remember, its THIN EVEN COAT are you using a gasket at all? or just RTV? if not, id recommend getting a gasket, rubber if available. if not, id just make one from thin cereal box cardboard, with a thin even coat of RTV on either side of it. sounds crazy, but it works great. ive had this on my water neck of my sunbird for a hot minute with absolutely NO leakage.
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