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  1. I dig the rims, good look for that car, also I loved that style ram air hood much more than the huge nostril later year ones
  2. I get annoyed when on TV shows they see a 80s camaro and are like "driver was spotted in a maroon late model sedan" its not a sedan and I dont know what late model even means, its a freakin camaro wake up and live in the USA!
  3. Alot of people, even Ebay list the Trans Am as a separate model from the Firebird when really it was just a trim level. Whats really annoying is when people list a car as a Formula Trans AM, theres no such thing its one or the other.
  4. The G5 was a complete waste of space in the lineup, at least with most of the rebadged/shared platform cars they at least attempted to make them different, there's literally 6-7 pieces on the entire car that are different from the cobalt and about half of them are logos G8 will always be remembered as "the last pontiac" even though its roots are not of this continent.
  5. my day will come soon enough, thats def going to be my next car, unless gm puts out something worth buying under 30k
  6. Pretty impressive that you were able to run a 13.9 1/4 mile pass with a HP # that low. given the weight of the car I'd venture to say your making a bit more power than that. Heck even with my cobalt making almost 300 to the ground I only got a best of 13.7, could be I suck at driving alot as well.
  7. mm one of my fav all time Pontiacs would look alot better with the Firehawk wheels or some chrome 97 vette wheels
  8. That was the first car I ever drove. My dad had the very first sport coupe in the area. The suspension in that car was AMAZING.
  9. Yea I know closest one locally is overpriced by about 4-5k compared to private sellers
  10. yea ive had the cobalt ss for 4 years , its my daily, but its not fast now that I sold the harrop tvs supercharger and went back to the stock M62 blower. sucks I have nothing fast now, butttttttttttttttt the new plan is to pay off the cobalt then save for a down payment on possibly the G8 I've been wanting, ill be making some moves in spring thats for sure
  11. I feel like I've sold my soul. The Dirty Bird is gone, it just left a few minutes ago. I keep telling myself it was the right thing to do to try to get out of debt but it doesnt feel that way.
  12. The Iron Duke may have been the last motor that Pontiac made from the ground up however it is not the last engine they built or had development on. Not many know this but the 89 Turbo Trans Am engine while it is assumed as being 100% Buick thats not completely true, let me explain. In 1987 when the Grand National ceased being made by Buick they had 2500 3.8 Turbo V6 engines in a warehouse. Pontiac was looking to do something special for the 20th Anniversary of the Trans Am. All aluminum V8s were experimented with but finally they choose the Buick Turbo. When the engine was installed it
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