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  1. Sooo.... went on vacation last week. 2 days before we left, i was in iowa city at the mall with the gf, pickin up a few things. ground's a little wet, but no biggie. i'm pulling right onto the onramp to get on the highway, hit second, just got a litle bit of wheel-hop and BAM it free-revs like crazy..... i checked both axles, both looked fine, and i could hear some clunking when it was in gear, clutch out, so i thought shit, i snapped my intermediate shaft. can't look because it's inside a tube, so i called a buddy and he brought the trailer out. looong night, was 2am by the time we got hom
  2. vans need LX9 top swaps and snails. there's always the option of playing around with the gearing in your tranny too, i bet that'd help a bunch...... LX9 top swap 65mm TB pretty much any crossflow style muffler have someone make you a true 2.5" downpipe spray in a van would kick ass.
  3. i've got mudflaps. they're way old GM add-on pieces, they're just big chunks of black plastic that say Sunbir don them in white, but i lvoe them. i bought 4 sets when i got them, and i need to put a new set on my car, these ones have been through hell, plus they're mounted a little bit more inboard than i had wanted, but i just deal with it..... i don't have pics but you can see one poking out the front in my sig lol
  4. Nice to see another Sunbird guy. Our cars may not be rare by production but they are getting that way due to age and how they tend to be disposable. yeah, an 89Z hood will be a direct bolt-up. along with the rest of the kit, if you're interested. If you really want to lift the rear end, get some wagon springs.... but i don't recommend it. the only reason to lift the rear is to help with traction at the strip, and i use my helper bags for that. on the street i leave them at around 17psi which gives it the just perfect stance. let me know if there's anythign you need with the car, i'll he
  5. well you do drive a G/A, so there's points against you from the beginning j/k i hate that. i beat the STi guy here before he built the motor, and the evo guy with the 2.4 stroker won't race me. he's scured. same with LSx f-body guys. So none of those people have anything over me except enough money to buy a car that's already quick. i, on the other hand, bought a 900 dollar car, put about 5k into the mods that are on it currently, and my car is just as fast an 10x more unique. that's what it's all about, not the money. Screw the AWD and LSx guys!
  6. FourDoorMafia's thread got me thinking we could use one of these Post up your vids and/or sound clips here. ALSO, don't forget to post your mod list along with it, if it affects the exhaust. (don't mind my dirty car) MODS: 3500 Non-vvt motor swap Cam: 220/224* .506/.506" 112 LSA Ported heads and intakes Two(2) non-vvt 3500 front exhaust manifolds 2" downpipes 2.5" Full exhaust Hooker Aerochamber Crossflow Muffler 3.5"x18" Tips
  7. You gonna get the tranny that goes along with that console you were talking about? Nice loking F-body. good find!
  8. car-part.com is your friend for used parts. there's one in NC on there for 75 bux
  9. nothing wrong with springfield. been there a few times, it's alright. where im from is big fail. aurora isn't that far from me IIRC....
  10. i'm not sure if you can replace just the sender/level gauge on the G6's or not. good idea to look into though, as it's much chaper than a whole pump assembly. although you have to drop the whole tank still anyway. i'd start by getting under the car and see if you can see and electrcal connectors for the pump/sender. if so, pop them off and see if they're corroded or anything. it's the cheapest place to start.
  11. i'm in for sticker(s)!!! maybe i missed it, are there multiple colors availible or just one?
  12. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2192033 there's mine. i update it about once a year so pretty much all the text is outdated and stupid. only reason i really ever get on is sometimes someone will message me with a motor swap question.
  13. yeah, it's the LX9. No hard numbers yet but whenb i dyno this summer i'm thinking it'll be around 260ish WHP. Stock tranny = NVG550. now that i think about it, it's actually a 91, which would be a Getrag, but there's no difference in this case. 3.1 was stock. 100-110whp FTL.
  14. Woot! Nice work! much appreciated
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