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  1. FourDoorMafia

    3-Word Game

    spewed love and
  2. FourDoorMafia

    Post something about the Person who posted above

    ^^^has stuff in his sig about a Jeep....on a Pontiac board.
  3. I'll try to get a video today. I'm sick, so I will decide once my dayquil kicks in.
  4. It's been somewhere between 0-30 degrees up here lately. Rolling WOT = mega wheel spin on kickdown. Hell, starting from a dead stop I can chirp 3rd in Sport during the summer on my 20's, so.....it'll have to wait. Maybe I'll try to get a wheel-spinning launch vid. It sounds mean as hell when I can feather the throttle.
  5. FourDoorMafia

    New Chevy Silverado commercials. lul

    Pepsi > Coke
  6. FourDoorMafia

    Picture Fight(Maybe NSFW)

  7. FourDoorMafia

    3-Word Game

    Ok, a few concerns. #1, ChoasWeaver apparenly doesn't understand the game, nor does 99gagt3x00. It's not the 2-word game, nor is it the 4-word game. #2, please do not capitalize or use punctuation unless it's part of your 3-word entry. I have to correct it and it is annoying.
  8. FourDoorMafia

    3-Word Game

    Oops, forgot about this. I need to make the story out of the first run. It will be posted in the original post when complete.
  9. FourDoorMafia

    American Carbon Fiber

    G8 hood.
  10. FourDoorMafia

    Photoshop Request

    fender strips = icky ricer crap. /discussion. I would do it, but that sounds kinda fugly, so I don't want to.
  11. FourDoorMafia

    Official Sig Request Thread

    I got bored.
  12. FourDoorMafia

    Voting for Vinyl FP Stickers

    Mailing to Canada isn't that much more. Hell, even mailing to Belgium is only $.98. Ideally, your shipping charges should be as such that you just eat the extra cost of mailing to Canada because I think it's like $.74 or something (haven't looked at my stamps lately). But anything bigger than a regular envelope with be more. Try to make sure that your decals at least fit into an invitation-size envelope so that you can use regular stamps. The thin card stuff isn't exactly necessary either. I've never had a decal get damaged. Paper makes it through the postal system just fine, and decals are already the thickness of 3-4 pieces of paper.
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