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  1. ^^^has stuff in his sig about a Jeep....on a Pontiac board.
  2. I'll try to get a video today. I'm sick, so I will decide once my dayquil kicks in.
  3. It's been somewhere between 0-30 degrees up here lately. Rolling WOT = mega wheel spin on kickdown. Hell, starting from a dead stop I can chirp 3rd in Sport during the summer on my 20's, so.....it'll have to wait. Maybe I'll try to get a wheel-spinning launch vid. It sounds mean as hell when I can feather the throttle.
  4. Ok, a few concerns. #1, ChoasWeaver apparenly doesn't understand the game, nor does 99gagt3x00. It's not the 2-word game, nor is it the 4-word game. #2, please do not capitalize or use punctuation unless it's part of your 3-word entry. I have to correct it and it is annoying.
  5. Oops, forgot about this. I need to make the story out of the first run. It will be posted in the original post when complete.
  6. fender strips = icky ricer crap. /discussion. I would do it, but that sounds kinda fugly, so I don't want to.
  7. Mailing to Canada isn't that much more. Hell, even mailing to Belgium is only $.98. Ideally, your shipping charges should be as such that you just eat the extra cost of mailing to Canada because I think it's like $.74 or something (haven't looked at my stamps lately). But anything bigger than a regular envelope with be more. Try to make sure that your decals at least fit into an invitation-size envelope so that you can use regular stamps. The thin card stuff isn't exactly necessary either. I've never had a decal get damaged. Paper makes it through the postal system just fine, and decals are already the thickness of 3-4 pieces of paper.
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