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  1. This was an amazing event for a wonderful cause. Mark, it was nice seeing you again...
  2. My current mod list as of today: TVS1900 LS9 injectors 3.1 pulley with 60mm idler, 9 lbs max boost Roto-fab CAI Kooks 1 7/8th mid length headers Kooks high flow cats custom crappy xpipe Magnaflow axleback Gforce 700hp axles Pedders HD lowing springs BMR assorted bushings MT ET ST drag radials on GTO 17s Tuning by HMS (AFM is off) Best time so far, 12.065 with a 1.87 60ft
  3. Yup, Overspeed just goes DING!. I turn mine on at the track so I know when I hit 100. As far as the oil leak, its a 2 day job, easily. If your car is a garage queen, then I would scope out the dealer and make sure you are ok with the technician that will be doing the job. I also would get under the car myself, perferably with the mechanic and view the leak & undercarriage. The LS engines are pretty well known for having bad rear main seals too. Nothing worse than having the car in for days just to find out 'that wasnt the problem'.
  4. HAHAH... hooking... thats a thing of the past. I havent ran it yet, since I am pregnant... Im not allow to drag race, so looks like the earliest I will be at the track is May. But I have added trailing arms, I lowered it about 1", replaced a few bushings and I have drag radials waiting...
  5. Current dyno numbers 488 RWHP @ Haddad Motorsports 12/28/10 485 TQ she was pretty rich, gonna have the tuner look over it again, hopefully I can get that last 12 HP out..
  6. I took a few pictures of Danny's G8 tail in the fog... they are on my facebook. I am sorry I was late, generally GME things start late... Its a bad habit I have developed... BUT DAMN DOES MY CAR LOOK BETTER! All in all the day was great for everyone except Mark. What did you northeners think of Neptunes Net? I love that joint. Wish we coulda had more time to cruise around and show you the sights, but it was fun, I am glad you guys made it.
  7. I still put a lot of blame on the photogs. >I< know to slow down in that turn... mainly because I want a great picture, but its a fun turn to power through when dry. If you look at the picture of mark & his gto on the ROCKSTOREPHOTOS.com site, you will see him after his initial correction at the guardrail. He is staring into the camera with that deer in headlights look. Had he kept his eyes on the road I doubt the end result would of occured. I am NOT doggin ya Mark, just stating what I think. IMO you could file a complaint against the photogs and sue & probably win...
  8. Dood Daniel, you make it sound like I am flaking! I am not... just getting lowered, it wont take too long & I am getting there before 9.
  9. Character 2: Oh what, what's wrong with you man? You haven't said anything for like 20 minutes. What the hell's your problem? Character 1: This life. Character 2: This life? Character 1: why do I have this life? Character 2: Have some chips, you'll feel better. Character 1: I'm stuck in this pit, working for less than slave wages. Working on my day off, the goddamn steel shutters are closed, I deal with every backward ass F**K on the planet. I smell like shoe polish. My ex-girlfirend is catatonic after F**King a dead guy. And my present girlfriend has sucked 36 dicks. Character 2: 37.
  10. Sounds like the pier is getting nixed... I am sure we can fill the 4-5 hours with some driving excitement! Cant wait for friday... this has been an eventful week! My birthday is 10/27! Yesterday I got word that I am going to SEMA for all 5 days!! Today we found out that we are expecting a BOY! woot woot... Also today, I got the appointment to have my lowering springs installed... the appt is at 9am on saturday, so I will met with you guys as soon as I am done... better wait for me
  11. what time are we starting the cruise? When we (GMEternal) do this, we generally start out early and have lunch at Neptunes Net on the beach... So why not a 10am meet time at Red Robin on Topanga... On the map i posted I chose a starting point that is a large parking lot (another common meet point for these kinda things.) I really hate going to Universal... its such a tourist trap.
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