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  1. Wash: Pinnacle Body Shampoo After Wash: Pinnacle Paintwork Lotion Claybar: (when applicable) Meguire's Claybar kit Wax: Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Tires: Gel tire shine, I don't remember the brand suddenly. It's purple. Rims: A quick detailer and cloth to clean off brake dust Interior: Meguire's interior quick detailer spray or wipes to clean the dash and other various surfaces Seats/floor: Bissell's little green machine to steam wash and such when needed. Glass: Turtlewax glass cleaner (mostly 'cause it had a pontiac pictured on the front)
  2. Agreed like 2,000,000%. I know that's a big percent. I've taken up the habit of parking as far away from the general population of cars as I can. 1) it's healthier for me to walk the extra distance. 2) though I'm a little more worried about people breaking in to my car, the dark tint should assuage some of that and I don't park in the dark. I've also taken the habit of inspecting my car every time I get ready to get into it. Take a quick walk around it in front of my house before I leave to go anywhere then a quick walk around it after I'm leaving my destination to return home. I used to park on the street in front of my old house on Long Island and one day I found someone had managed to bend my driver's side mirror up so that one of the bolt's broke and scratch the paint off. I was sooo angry it was RIGHT after I got ripped off in having them painted. Now it vibrates every time I stop at a light.
  3. LeapingLizzy


    I have a few things to add. I've been on a cooking bug since I moved back to NC for a couple of reasons: 1) bone crushing lonliness 2) Lack of car things to do (...damn you, winter) 3) Anticipation of husband returning from deployment. 4) Lack of awesome places to eat in Fayetteville. So, I present to you the Lizzy cooking album thingie. I frequently add new photos in this album, which should be public to everyone lol http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2030...mp;l=911892de37 For lazy people:
  4. It's hard to remember I'm actually 24 now. o.O
  5. Cope if I somehow manage to buy and install a CAI before you I'm going to lul.
  6. Oh that decal is FORDing awesome hahahaha
  7. You STILL havn't put your CAI on? it's been like 6 months, stop stalling. q_Q
  8. holy FORDing bubble pink avatar batman o_o
  9. hahah the smart car is so irritatingly cute.
  10. Holy pink dashboard batman Everything looks pretty good but that much pink on the dashboard would bother me after a while haha I especially love the stars on your engine. q_q I love stars. Welcome fellow female tuner!
  11. Yaaaay thank you guys I had a pretty stellar day and the good vibes are continuing.
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