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  1. LeapingLizzy

    The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy B.day Adam!
  2. LeapingLizzy

    What do you use to clean your car?

    Wash: Pinnacle Body Shampoo After Wash: Pinnacle Paintwork Lotion Claybar: (when applicable) Meguire's Claybar kit Wax: Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Tires: Gel tire shine, I don't remember the brand suddenly. It's purple. Rims: A quick detailer and cloth to clean off brake dust Interior: Meguire's interior quick detailer spray or wipes to clean the dash and other various surfaces Seats/floor: Bissell's little green machine to steam wash and such when needed. Glass: Turtlewax glass cleaner (mostly 'cause it had a pontiac pictured on the front)
  3. LeapingLizzy

    What the hell is wrong with some people?

    Agreed like 2,000,000%. I know that's a big percent. I've taken up the habit of parking as far away from the general population of cars as I can. 1) it's healthier for me to walk the extra distance. 2) though I'm a little more worried about people breaking in to my car, the dark tint should assuage some of that and I don't park in the dark. I've also taken the habit of inspecting my car every time I get ready to get into it. Take a quick walk around it in front of my house before I leave to go anywhere then a quick walk around it after I'm leaving my destination to return home. I used to park on the street in front of my old house on Long Island and one day I found someone had managed to bend my driver's side mirror up so that one of the bolt's broke and scratch the paint off. I was sooo angry it was RIGHT after I got ripped off in having them painted. Now it vibrates every time I stop at a light.
  4. LeapingLizzy


    I have a few things to add. I've been on a cooking bug since I moved back to NC for a couple of reasons: 1) bone crushing lonliness 2) Lack of car things to do (...damn you, winter) 3) Anticipation of husband returning from deployment. 4) Lack of awesome places to eat in Fayetteville. So, I present to you the Lizzy cooking album thingie. I frequently add new photos in this album, which should be public to everyone lol http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2030...mp;l=911892de37 For lazy people:
  5. LeapingLizzy

    The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    It's hard to remember I'm actually 24 now. o.O
  6. I love my fender stripes. All my Forza 3 cars have them hehe
  7. LeapingLizzy

    From Oklahoma

    Right on, welcome!
  8. Cope if I somehow manage to buy and install a CAI before you I'm going to lul.
  9. LeapingLizzy

    Pontiac Decal for all

    Oh that decal is FORDing awesome hahahaha
  10. LeapingLizzy

    New girl from Iowa..

    Who's Scoot and why is he scooting?
  11. You STILL havn't put your CAI on? it's been like 6 months, stop stalling. q_Q
  12. LeapingLizzy

    New girl from Iowa..

    holy FORDing bubble pink avatar batman o_o
  13. LeapingLizzy

    Cars that make you go WTF?

    hahah the smart car is so irritatingly cute.
  14. LeapingLizzy

    New girl from Iowa..

    Holy pink dashboard batman Everything looks pretty good but that much pink on the dashboard would bother me after a while haha I especially love the stars on your engine. q_q I love stars. Welcome fellow female tuner!
  15. LeapingLizzy

    The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Yaaaay thank you guys I had a pretty stellar day and the good vibes are continuing.
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