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  1. How to on 00' montana with 3.4l. I can do it, but whats best way? I would pull drain plug in rad, stick in hose, turn on hose, run engine until fluid out of drain in rad it clear. thanks
  2. 2000 montana, 3.4l. Wanna replace my oilpan gasket. Do I "need" to pull subframe? thanks
  3. Cosmik, thats for sure... bags are put off. Going on a rd trip with the family instead, looking for 20" shoes for the van.
  4. Lady said yes to my offer which was $3000 less than her asking... didn't think she was going to say yes, but at that point, felt obligated to buy.... now it gets me to and from work, and my kids school in a decent time, and my kids love my system, rims, and underbody's...
  5. been pulled over 7 times in the last 8 months..... not for speeding, not for runnin my underbody's.. just a "routine" stop.
  6. Wow... no comment on the pink. Usually my goal is to stay outta the pigger spotlight, not draw more attention away from the donuts and coffee towards me.
  7. Thanks eh! So, airbags it is. Been researching, and possibly looking at partial sponsorship, ONLY if I run the circuit kicker requests. So, means traveling Canada/US, but for free stuff, can't complain. But a HUGE maybe, not holding my breath. Did some playing around today with photoshop, and my van will look sick sitting in the weeds. Thanks again to all for the warm welcome!
  8. Going to look into a 100 shot kit today thats on sale at a local parts store.. would be lookig at around $475 for a complete kit. However, now with air bags on my mind, the performance end of things might be put on hold. ps, faster/more powerful is better, just entered bracket drag racing, and auto-cross with it.
  9. Thanks for the welcome!!! Yea, Canada rocks at hockey... well, no, we just got lucky. What you all think of a Montana with bags? Just had a complete kit priced out at $1995.00 US. Might actually buy it.
  10. Thats awesome.. but if you can pull it off, how does it hold up to washing, rain, snow, dirt etc? Here in Canada, we have spray tint. You can vary your coats. Can says not to use more than 2, well, I did 3. 1 coat being very light, 3 being dark. Comparable to tint covers. I did my front corners, and rear tail lights on my Montana. Of course, its permanent, but looks awesome, and was easy.
  11. killiger2009, pics can be viewed in my cardomain linked in my sig, or else stay tuned for up-dated pics later on today/tomorrow.
  12. 00' montana with a 3.4, (3400). Cut off the stock res. in the rear of the exhaust, and added a K&N cone filter. Sounds purdy now, very unique sound. However, looking for other possible bolt ons. Motor has 205,000 KM's on it. So, not sure if NOS etc would be such a great idea, but could be wrong. Any input plz!!!
  13. Located on Vancouver Island, BC. Only the second Van, really? Boo. What a warm welcome, very impressed.
  14. Howdy all... newb to the site. Joined hoping to get help modding my 00' Montana. Yes, I know, its a minivan, but a nice one. Hey, gotta get the kids to school... in style!!! cheers.
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