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  1. I respect anything that a person has a deep, personal connection with, and makes them a better person in turn. (Keeping oneself sane totally counts!) That's how I was about roleplaying, and how I am about reading and writing. I'd be dead without them.
  2. valid


    Today is Thursday. Wait, no, it's actually technically Friday. YAY I GET TO GO TO WORK TODAY. Oh, eff, wait a minute.
  3. Oh oh oh, I have another question! What would you do without Sonic?
  4. I would love to drive Xena through California again! I just need to get her put back together. (I should really finish my thread about that...)
  5. OKAY I WILL STAY JUST 'CAUSE YOU ASKED Japanese is fun to learn Challenging but fun! I suggest you try sometime, then we can yell at each other in Japanese. TONS O' FUN.
  6. I might not be "leading" in this one, but it gives a little better perspective I think
  7. The company I work for deals with Enterprise roadside... All I can say is, yes, Enterprise needs to examine the process by which it communicates with its customers. Absolutely.
  8. I really want to know how this happened. Dear Chris, If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go? If you could own only one car from tomorrow until the day you die, what would it be? HAVE YOU MISSED ME? Thanks, Sadie
  9. Well, the notalltheres have it made!
  10. valid


    It's officially Sunday! I get to meet my buddy's twin babies today! TWIN SONS. TWO NEW BOYS TO GET OBSESSED WITH CARS. HECK YES.
  11. Indy I love the drive up to my family's cabin on Lake Huron in the upper peninsula. Gorgeous, peaceful, perfect. There are several fantastic back country roads past the farms just outside of town here in Stevens Point. I drove Xena up highway one in California three summers ago, which was a blast.
  12. Find out the number of Brewster Green 73 super duties? 40 are known to exist. That's my only guess. Welcome, nonetheless.
  13. Everything is looking amazing on this car. It sounds gnarly. I might need to borrow your brain when I start getting deep into my Fiero swap in a couple years
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