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My first car, Started out with this 2 years ago: 2004 77000 miles, and UGLY 20 inch Menzari rims


Now: Tinted windows, red calipers, Stern Hyper Silver 18in rims, painted interior, and viper alarm/start






If everything goes good, I will be getting a g8 gt in june =)

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:o i like the first rims cuz the color matches more and has more of a design. i think 19s would have been better. anyways, looks great.

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Thanks everyone! I will be sad to let it go in June (that's when it's paid off) As it is my first car, but it's almost to 100000 miles and I want something newer for back and fourth to college. Maybe I should just keep it for a dd and drive th g8 on weekends? Haha idk.

' date='Mar 30 2010, 07:07 PM' post='19274']

I no u frum sumwherz.

:D Welcome to the site.

I think I know you from somewhere too!! Haha

Welcome to Forever Pontiac!!!!

Get the G8!!!!! What model you looking to get?

the gt, ive been looking at one at my local dealership that's grey with the black/red interior. But it's an 09 with 31000 miles on it so I'm not sure. And I really want red exterior haha I'm picky

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I agree, the 5 spoke were definitely the right decision for the Grand Am.

Always liked the Grand Am's in Silver and also in Metallic Green.

Good luck with getting the G8...The last great Pontiac.

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Thank you, those are my two favorite colors on these cars too. I'm pretty sure I want the g8, but I drove a friends g35 with the sport package the other day and really liked it. So I guess it's going to come down to 2 door or 4 door in my decision.

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Yea but I really like both cars, and if I can fit in the back of the g35 then it's big enough lol. But I really want to keep with Pontiac, I love my car. I guess I'll know in June what I'm getting

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