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  1. As reported on November 1st, there are only a dozen or so New Pontiacs left for purchase. Those will be now sold as "used" vehicles. Sad. I had read that one dealer still had a brand new G5 that had a $7000 markdown on it and they were still trying to sell it for $16000?!?!?! That musta been one hella loaded G5!
  2. Got my GXP dual outlet fascia in and will be putting everything on as soon as I find a coupler for the "cut-in-half" exhaust. wooo hooo
  3. Kellers in Dallas. 8pm till Bone Daddys in Dallas 12pm - 3:30 Fbody meet. I think you can google for the straight locations. I'm ninja'ing someones laptop.
  4. Dang...I'm only driving 7hrs from LA to Dallas. hahah It's going to be a couple local shows and an Fbody gathering. Kinda last minute thing. I have the specifics at home I will have to check when I get back to the house.
  5. I'm taking a mini vaca to the Dallas area with my Trans Am and will be hitting some shows that weekend. I'll post up later the shows I will be attending so if anyone wants to hang out, bring it!
  6. Very nice! Wheels really bring the whole car together into harmony. Keep it shiny!
  7. Thanks guys. It was a bit of work but also pretty fun. I like making things shine. haha Coupe_GXP, I have a bud who has the Solo Mach with Res and that thing sounds awesome! Great Choice! I originally wanted the Solo but since I came upon a Free GXP exhaust, I figured it would be good enough...for now anyway. heh!
  8. What does a gear head do on a Friday night? He polishes his exhaust...oh yeah. hahhah So for the past 4 hours I have been trying to finish up polishing the rear part of the GXP exhaust. What I started with today: The muffler surface was a bit dull to say the least. What I wanted to do tonight was just get the other dual exhaust pipe and the forward facing side of the muffler polished up. About 2 hours in this is where I was: You can see in the above pic how rusty the forward pipe is. Man did it need some attention! I got both the outlet exhaust pipes polished to
  9. Very Cool! And you know you will not see another show board like it cuz you made it yourself. Watch out tho...When I made one for my car, I started getting tons of request from other owners to make them one too! hhaha
  10. NICE! Spreading that Pontiac love all around~!
  11. Heya Kris! Glad you could finally make it here. So am I gonna get to see the Formy at Cruise nite tonight?!
  12. Awesome...can't wait to see more. I have always loved the Fiero. Can't go wrong with an American Mid-engine sports car!
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