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  1. Testing out the induction noise from the intake side. Using an external mic tied into the gopro up front. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbdIBsFfeAs
  2. Finally have the dyno sheet scanned. I'll mess with the intake stuff later, busy with a lot of other things, new job (working two jobs, transitioning out of the old one), about to have a new addition to the family, etc.
  3. 247 whp and 268 tq.
  4. This was a long time coming...
  5. Here's one of the reasons why I had the car parked at the house all fancy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5mw7-tzu7M My neighbor thought I was working on something to sell the car
  6. So a month ago, I hit some nasty, nasty debris on the highway. Didn't have anywhere to go (sandwiched in with traffic) and the danger wasn't quite apparent until all hell broke loose. At first, I thought it was a pair of ratty blue jeans, and then it sounded like everything exploded under me. Lo and behold, that ratty blue jean was a strap, attached to a tie-down hook. It punched through the barrel of my driver's side rear wheel and left me sidelined. New wheel was ordered and a replacement tire had to be ordered (thank goodness for road hazard warranty). I walked a mile back and picked up the piece of debris so nobody else would run over it. Hitting this damnable piece at 70mph was not the way I wanted to end my day. Crazy thing is a month or so prior, somebody was killed while passing through town when a receiver hitch and ball went through their windshield. This wouldn't have been any exception to the rule, so I was pretty pissed at somebody's negligence. Everything else is good under the car, I needed a change of pants, that's for certain. The wheels are a flow-formed set, and I've got a sneaking feeling that if I had gone with cast reproduction Corvette wheels like every f-body owner on the planet, that wheel would have disintegrated. I was able to come to a safe and controlled stop and wasn't in much danger outside of the rear end of the car going airborne. I had to retighten the watts link setup as well. Because of this turn of events, I didn't get to run the last auto-x event of our season here, so I was a bit saddened since I didn't have track tires yet or the final dynotune completed. Anyway, I figured I'd get my "big boy camera" out and take some pics, I'm super rusty and always pressed for time. It's an older rig with a regular kit lens so it's not super flashy. I feel the pics came out good though.
  7. Got out and enjoyed some partly cloudy weather. Wish I had more time to mess around with the shots, but this was my favorite one out of the bunch!
  8. Just scrapes and stuff. It was a tracked set of wheels. Straight, not bent, just really well raced. I didn't want to buy a flashy new set of wheels only to run them through the gravel pit we have for a parking lot, lol!
  9. Halfway finished collecting my budget trackday wheels! Just need one more pair of 18x10.5 C5 Z06 Speedlines and then I can get some sacrificial rubber! Probably not hoosiers A6/7's for the first set, gonna need to save up for replacement front hubs so I don't have any catastrophic failures! [/URL]
  10. Moar! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzx1X4jCFxw
  11. Thanks! It still doesn't give it justice, but it's sooo much closer than it sounded w/ the regular mic or the cell phone.
  12. Testing out some new camera locations and an external mic for that ohhh so good exhaust burble and lope from the big NA cam on this car. Learning new things, something I always enjoy! This is still only part throttle and maybe 4500 rpm max. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbp1VDltzow
  13. Almost done with break-in! In the mean time, fixing some things now that I've got a little more opportunity. Took it to a friend's shop and got a new headunit and a backup camera installed. The camera wasn't a "NEED" but it is helpful in many aspects including in a cramped paddock at the auto-x events when you're trying to back into your spot and your coordination suddenly is trying to escape you.
  14. Took the car to get an alignment today. Almost got it dialed in but the shop was pretty busy so I'm gonna need to do a few minor things and bring it back. Car feels a lot better already, just need to dial the camber/caster in a little closer to the spec that's needed. Still need to do some fine tuning on the idle control, it wants to die coming down from rpms with the clutch in while coasting to a stop. HPTuners is very limited on what you can do with this PCM, and the last option is to drill a small hole in the throttle blade to calm it down. It's better than it was earlier when I got it, but it still isn't quite there.
  15. Thanks Got her inspected today! The guy at the inspection station was somewhat skeptical of me having cats in regard to how "loud" it was. Still passed, had full cats thanks to the Kooks true duals. I don't like getting hassled by shops or cops, so yeah. Time for an alignment!
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