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  1. 996D5271-4E61-40FD-9B5F-6774C2AE4C27.MOV
  2. Haven’t posted in a while but my bird should be done with all the body work next week, here are a few teaser pic, she is still a two tone car. I’ll post pic as soon as she is on the trailer to come home. Hopefully there is enough light you guys can see both colors
  3. I want will match my bird when she gets done at the body shop
  4. Hey haven't been on in awhile. Mostly my self Ghost, today I took her to the body shop for cleaning up and paint.
  5. original engine ( was a 2.8l) new engine (mod 3.4l)
  6. here is what she sounds like now 001.MOV I hope this plays
  7. interior when I got the car the rear view when i bought the car orginal hood (was replaced with new hood bolts were stripped out at the mounts)with the wrong nose engine bay before painting engine bay after painting
  8. changing the color to Dark Brahma Jewel (GM code: WA519Q) then keeping the black strip around the bottom. changing out the springs to air ride (these Texas's roads are bad). Swapping out the current rims to the SW6 16" rims, all ready have just trying to find some one who can redo them. Once she gets painted i'm putting the original black carpet and the grey and black dash. I'm thinking about putting in a manual trans in but that is further down the road.
  9. wow this looked like it died, to bad
  10. hey all its been awhile since i was on last, still working on my bird. first pic new engine after the new engine and suspension current condition
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