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  1. well, its been a while and a lot has changed.... the 87 SE 4-cylinder has been sold. fortunately, less than a week later, i bought an 88 GT 5 Speed for the exact amount that i sold the 4 banger! its in decent shape, but needs a few things before i get it on the road. i'm putting new head gaskets (and various other gaskets) on monday, and then ordering new pads and rotors all around, then looking for a stock set of wheels with decent tires. it has 17" American Racing wheels on it right now, but theyre FWD offset so they stick out like 2 inches in the front. pics of the 88 GT up soon!
  2. Well if I could find one of those "Super Duty" engines, I'd be pumped. And i'd use that for racing instead
  3. Dammit! Went to change the spark plugs out, and snapped a plug off in the head.
  4. Well since it runs like shit, I bought new plugs and wires, hoping that will clear it up a little. Next is new rotors and pads, then new tires. Once this one is driveable, its time to start on the 87 GT getting that race ready
  5. UPDATE!!! ITS ALIVE!!! Last night I pulled the injector and took it to work with me today. The pintle was frozen, but after soaking it in some rust penetrator, the pintle loosened up. I took it home and put it all back together, and fired it up! It runs like shit and has a "Service Engine Soon" light on, but I'm assuming since the plugs and wires are 10+ years old, they're suspect for the cause. What I need to do before I drive it: 4 New Tires 4 New Rotors and pads Install Brake light switch (already purchased) Install Headlamp motor rebuild kit (already purchased) Spark Plugs
  6. They've been claiming that "The Next Corvette" will be mid-engine since the early 80s lol. Do I beilieve that the Corvette will be mid-engine? Not yet. I still think that the Corvette tends to older men and muscle car guys. Most Corvette don't know anything about their 50/50 weight balance and handling capabilites. Most owners just know "it has 400 hp" so once the Corvette is recognized as more than just a straight line car, it will go mid-engine
  7. good news and bad news. Good: New fuel pump works great! Bad: Car still doesnt run. The injector isnt pulsing. I'll be taking the injector to work with me tomorrow and testing it, then testing the wiring with my multimeter when i get home.
  8. if i wasnt on the other side of the country, i'd buy them both lol. although i think if i even bring one more Fiero PART home, my mother and my girlfriend are gonna murder me lol. and btw, fuel pump is in and everything is hooked up. gotta wait for dinner to get finished then run to the gas station and get a few gallons of gas. if it starts and runs, i'll be happier than a pig in shit.
  9. i just got in a few things from The Fiero Store. New Fuel pump and strainer Headlight motor rebuild kit Brake light switch I'm currently dropping the tank down as we speak, actually right now i'm waiting for my food to be done, then i'm going back out there and finishing dropping the tank. it probably wont get started today, i need to get a new fuel filter and a few new fuel lines. also, i took the front bumper off of my SE cause i think its dumb looking. i had an extra GT front bumper that i'm putting on it, but you have to take the hood off to get the front bumper on i'll get pic
  10. i guess i'll have to drop the tank. my dad is making a huge fuss about me dropping the tank at my house though. i might have to have it towed to work an put it on a lift. i know i can drop it safely in the garage, but he's been overly cautious.
  11. the only Fieros that had widespread fire problems were the 84's witht the 2.5 (only engine the 84's came with) byt 85' they had it fixed, but their reputation was already destroyed by then. the 88 GT was the greatest Fiero ever made, except by that time, sales were dropping like flies, and it didnt make sense to keep making them. yeah i'm in Maryland.
  12. thanks alot guys. I'm having trouble getting the SE to start. I'm not getting any fuel pressure. i wish i had my multimeter with me, but its at work and they open again til monday. I think I'm gonna drop the tank and pull the fuel pump. i have another one, but i'm not sure if that one is good either.
  13. My original plan was to swap in a 3400 with a 3500 top end. However, I talked to a few other Fiero owners, and they each told me that the LA1 is a huge pain in the ass to swap in. The L23 is a very common swap for the Fiero so find swap mounts for it is rather easy. For the LA1 you have to piggyback a engine control system where as the L23 can be run off a factory Fiero computer. You can get just as much power out of a L23 as an LA1, it just weighs a little more. Not to mention I kinda want to keep the Fiero looking fairly stock, even under the hood. With a L23 in it with a ported 2.8 intake,
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