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  1. hotcarmaster12

    Cali Roll Call

    Yea that's pretty much what our lil town is known for. & Double T Acers ag museum
  2. hotcarmaster12

    Cali Roll Call

    i believe he has made an intro before.
  3. hotcarmaster12

    Cali Roll Call

    Stevinson 95374- Home Modesto 95355- School
  4. hotcarmaster12

    EMBARRASSMENT to Pontiac Owners

    That bumper is hidious haha
  5. hotcarmaster12

    New traffic light design?

    That's pretty cool
  6. hotcarmaster12

    High Mileage bad?

    I don't think there will be any cheap pontiacs either haha That's why I wanna finish school and grab a g8gt before they get too high up there
  7. hotcarmaster12

    High Mileage bad?

    lol the 99 had all kinds of problems when it hit 100, my family doesnt have good luck with pontiacs, but we keep buyin them haha
  8. hotcarmaster12

    Why did you get your Pontiac?

    Bought my 04 Grand am almost 4 years ago with 70000 miles for 9 grand, knew exactly what I wanted and it had to be a grand am cause I loved the 99 my mom had. Today it just turned 96000 miles and its been good driving back and fourth to college.... But as soon as im done with school i'm getting my G8GT =)
  9. hotcarmaster12

    Killiger2009'S Progression

    Those rims look awesome on there!
  10. hotcarmaster12

    Bambamm's 2009 G6GT

    Car looks great, I love the way the g6 looks lowered
  11. hotcarmaster12

    High Mileage bad?

    our 99 Grand am we sold last year had 265,000 miles and their still drivin it, my 04 is about to turn 96
  12. hotcarmaster12

    Montauk Cruise! 11/14/2010

    Nice pics
  13. hotcarmaster12

    LightningGA's Show AND Go!!!!

    Love your car!
  14. hotcarmaster12

    No early class = Picture Fun!

    Nice 6! looks awesome black
  15. hotcarmaster12

    Can anyone say tint?

    Always wanted that color, looks great with the dark tint!
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