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The names Morgan and I recently purchased a fairly stock 2004 Sunfire. 2.2L Eco with a 5-speed. Done a few mods here and there:

(Also, I am a member for WI-GM Tuners as well)


First mod was Yellow fog lights, work very nice when its snowing or really crappy out.


It did have a nice bumper, my dad bumped into it with the snow blower.

Two more mods:

Lapis Blue headlights and Chrome signal bulbs:


All lights on.


Close up of the bulbs.


Fog lights appear white in this picture

Blue LED dome light:


Green LED trunk light:



Its way brighter at night.

Clear Sidemarkers:



Parked next to a friends Cavalier.

And, this it yet to be installed:


So yeah, hear I am. :cheers:

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Welcome Morgan! Thanks for joining! I can't wait to see the 'fire in person!

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Where did you get the trunk LED?
I get all my LEDS from http://www.superbrightleds.com/

They live by there name too, they are VERY bright.


I just got bulbs for mine and my moms' license markers and I couldn't be happier with them. Great company!

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Thanks for all the comments, and no problem with helping a fellow Pontiac owner out.

Also, I am hoping to have that muffler installed this week, will find out when tomorrow. Just so everyone knows, its a Dynomax "Turbo" with a muffler tip. My previous muffler jobs have been fart pipes, and I can't really stand the sound anymore, and I was too poor to get the cat-back I wanted (had to replace a windshield) so I hope this sounds good enough until I can get the catback.

Dimensions are:

18 1/2 inches from tip to tip, inlet and outlet diametes are 2 1/2. I'm hoping it dosn't sound like crap because that would of been a waste of 40 bucks :welcomeFP:

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Yeah lets see:


RKSport Ram Air Hood

Tinted Rear lights (maybe, kinda iffy)

Paint the front gray grills black

Paint Mirrors same color as car.

Rims (eventually)

Vibrant Cat-Back Exhaust (eventually)

RKSport Pontiac Emblem (current one on bumer is cracked)

New front bumper (cracked, might be able to fix it)

Lower it a bit.

No bodykits or such, I drive this car in the winter too, don't want to turn it into a snow plow lol :rofl:

I'm sure I left some other stuff out, but thats a generalization.

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For all of those interested, the exhaust will be on Wednesday, I hope it sounds good. I'm used to actual mufflers like Magnaflow, and not cheaper exhausts. A friend of mine has gone the cheaper route, and it didn't always work out too well, which makes me kind of nervous for this one. :welcome:

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