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  1. I just relocated to Phoenix about a month ago now.. If anyone is in the area I wouldnt mind meeting up
  2. wow haven't been here in a lonnnnng time ... Anyways little update.. The car is uh more modded currently lol Also I moved to Phoenix, AZ so if anyones in the area we should meet up.. I'll try and get some newer pics up.. couple crappy ones..
  3. My parents rented from me since they have a house in FL. I got transfered at work down to Phoenix. Frito Lay yay
  4. Yea.. I split with my ex.. lost my house to her.. theirs 300k out the window... oh well FML Im being transfered to Phoenix with in the next couple months so the townhouse will be gone soon too.. apartment living.. here I come!
  5. I was far too lazy to take a drive for pics so heres a couple driveway shots FLUSH I think she's done for the year... Just waiting on a couple more CF items to show up in the mail
  6. LOL holy hell I wouldn't of fit in at all hahaha
  7. Im a no go. I blew a charge pipe this morning at work 3am.. got off work at 1030.. took the whole front end off and put back on and now its nap time
  8. I got my AMS goodies on the car today...
  9. lol Im still slow But my last mods of the year go on next week.. Just in time for a meet... wooooooot
  10. Nope not doing anymore testing. Its pretty easy actually.. This car generates ALOT of aftermarket interest and big name companys want to build products.. So Tsudo posted on our gc forums looking for a few people to do reviews on their product so I jumped right in..
  11. I paid shipping which wasnt real bad... But I had to do reviews and inspections for Tsudo which sucked. Atleast this exhaust has been out for a few months
  12. lol idk my little 4 banger is pretty slow
  13. With the quad tip it was a proto type.. the mid pipes and everything lined up.. but the muffler and tips didn't align very well at all no matter what I did.. No matter how much I bent and adjusted the hangers the tips never lined up with the bumper and part of my OCD just made me get rid of it lol my current setup is amazing the exhaust doesn't move an inch, no play at all in the piping or muffler. Everything fit like a glove and fits perfectly in the bumper gap.
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