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Sad to see such things


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I would hope the Trans AM that had that hood on had something to back it up. Did you get a chance to look under the SLP hood.

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The rims on the TA are super rare 1981 turbo rims from a Chevrolet Monte Carlo. In 1980 & 1981 the Monte Carlo you could get it with the Buick Regal turbo V6 motor and that is with out a dout the rims off the 1981. Super, Super rare and a Monte Carlo guy would kill for thouse rims!!!! In 80/81 there was no SS model there was a 3.8l v6 base car LS, the Turbo V6 and a fully loaded Landau 305 model. The Turbo Monty is most rare Monty of all tie, you just never see them EVER. find out where he got the rims!!!! if the car is still around its a car worth saving!!!

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There were a total of 13,839 turbo Monte Carlo's for 1980 and there were a total of 3,027 Monte Carlo Turbos for 1981. This would make the 1981Monte Carlo Turbo one of the rarest Monte Carlo's built, even rarer than the 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe, there were Aerocoupe 6,052 in 1987 and only 200 Aerocoupes for 1986 which happened to be the exact number NASCAR officials required for road model features to be incorporated into the racing cars. The only reason for theAerocoupe was so that NASCAR teams could have better aerodynamics. Thus making the 1986 the rarest Monte Carlo ever.

1980 turbo Monty



1981 turbo




1986/1987 Aerocoupe



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Reading about the rescue party reminded me of something and I pulled out my pics and made an album to go with the story....

A few years ago I was talking with a buddy of mine and he was telling about something he heard from a friend of a friend(you know how that is) about a guy that passed on and his collection was being cleaned out, it was mostly parts cars and restorables and his family was going to have a crusher come in, however, they could be bought and removed for scrap price wich was $200 a car at the time.

We went and took a look, I borrowed a grand, made several trips....

Anyway, here is a sample of what we found on the guys 80 acres or so of property..


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