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Getting there...

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My 00 GTP Daytona




To today:




And at autoX earlier this year:




Got some stickers to mix it up some:


My only engine bay shot:


An old ass shot:


Now for the mod list.

Motor wise all I have is a ported blower, plog, 3" DP, intake, and running a 3.6" pulley, and the tune has been tweaked some as well. Right now I've been running with a chipped piston for about a year and a half. So the future plans are to throw in a L36/L26 with headers, 1.9 rockers, rev it high, and probably a stock pulley to keep it safe.

Suspension wise I'm running Eibach springs, Koni struts, GMPP swaybars, and UMI RCAs. Soon enough I should have some new LCAs to firm things up. I've kicked out the rear end a couple of times so the car is pretty fun to drive.

That's about it for now. I've got plans for the car such as the new motor, coilovers, and a good repaint. Knowing me as well I'll probably get some new wheels one day as I'm kind of a wheel whore.

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Real nice car man! :dancingpontiac:

I fixed your post for ya, you used the wrong links. :)

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  • Founders

Good looking GP, did you paint the rails on the roof? Some angles it looks real good others I'm not so sure lol.

All together though very nice GP

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

Piston #3 chipped again so it looks like I'm going to have to take the motor down to the block, pop the oil pan off, and replace the piston/rod. I don't have anywhere near the funds to drop in another L67 right now since I already have everything for the piston. I'll be saving up for an L32 swap in the near future so this will have to do. I just hope that the cylinder wall isn't too messed up.

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This will have to do for a while. I want to do a full L32 swap when I get the money saved up. Living away from home in college isn't kind to the wallet. The suspension and tranny have already been overhauled so this is the last hurdle for the car really.

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  • Founders

Good reason :) College life can be expensive, I know first hand. I earn a salary working and I still live with my parents getting through Grad school :lol:

Hope you can get a rebuild or the swap goin!

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did i mention i like your car a lot? im partial to the black and silver tho


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The car is about to flip over 150K, going to be saving up for an L32 swap. Between selling my 18s, bday money, and Christmas I should be able to do it in the foreseeable future. I haven't done the piston yet, was waiting on parts to come in and I need to go get a JY head since the front one is making some good ticking in the valvetrain.

Anyways, here's how it looks with the stockers on it. I'm hoping to find some pregen 5 spokes up at the swap meet this Nov.



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Cyl 1:


Cyl 3 (right next to it):


I knew #3 was fucked but I had no idea about #1. Still going to replace #3 and roll with #1, new motor in a month or so anyways. Been going like this for a year and a half till #3 chipped for a second time and my car was not happy at all.

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