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Hot Rod Power Tour 2024

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I will have to review all the footage  to know for sure, but I recall hitting 81 mph on the main straight away. I was a tad late braking for that little right/left near the end.  That gave me a little pucker in my cheeks, but BB came through.

i would also like to add that I could smell my brakes a little before and very much after those 4 laps!. I upgraded BB to drilled and slotted rotors front and rear three years ago after I got her out of her deep slumber. I’m glad I did this week.

Edited by Frosty
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Day 1 - Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green Kentucky

Things seen in and around the main venue.


I love this guy's T-shirt


A Factory Five Daytona reproduction - nicely done for Motortrend and all


Wally Park's Kurtis! Wally was the co-founder and editor of Hot Rod Magazine. He later was the founder, president, and chairman of the National Hot Rod Association, better known as NHRA.


An old Dale Jr car



A gorgeous flathead

The famous Projext X car - with a 632 EFI Big Block. crate motor.



This cop car has been around awhile. I've seen it on Woodward several times in the Mopar area. It was on Power Tour last year as well. We have a new lady cop for this year though. She is clearly doing her job! LOL!


Hey Justa - is she one of your law enforcement friends? Didn't think so.


Okay this caught my eye. At first I thought it was a Trans Am Depot built GTO Judge - they use the 5th and 6th gen Camaro as a basis for their cars. However I looked at it more closely - this a converted Dodge Challenger! Now I have to find this guy and talk to him about it.


In case you are wondering what the cost of 110 race petro is......wonder no more and cringe. $9.99/gallon!


The autocross. The truck guys were ripping it up. A company called Apex Suspension builds hi-performance chassis and suspension parts for GM trucks. These guys were doing the autocross in 33 secs. Most Vettes and preped street cars were hard pressed to beat that time.


Okay where is BB now?


More on this later.....


A shit Vette.



Umm.....yeah. I got nothin'!


I saw the infamous PT motor home near the entrance to the drag strip staging lanes. It's tradition on the last day, they will take your picture of you and your car next to this on your way out. If you are lucky, your picture might end up on their website. Well the last 2 years, I didn't make the cut. So I decided to take my own damn photo without waiting until Friday!


Remember when I asked, where is BB now? Well here we are......in the staging lanes for the drag strip!



17.037 Seconds

79.66 mph

.932 reaction time

My first time ever down a drag strip in my life!

More to come after I get back.  Nashville Super Speedway today!







Edited by Frosty
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Sleepin at the light, but the holeshot wouldn't have helped.  Very quick Ford.   Awesome to have your drag race on tape!!!!!   Frosty Andretti  and Frosty Force in the same helmit! 


2338341_63_full (1).gif

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10 hours ago, JUSTA6 said:

Was hoping you would catch the Vette on the track N blow his doors off.:ph34r:

For safety reasons, you are not allowed to pass the pace Vette or other cars. You are expected to try to maintain a 4-6 car distance between cars. Yeah right.

9 hours ago, Ringo64 said:

This looks like a ton of fun! Did they speed limit you on the track or just say "Don't pass and come close to the next car"?

No speed limit per se. Just go as fast as you are comfortable with. The pace car driver will speed up or slow down depending on what the pack is doing behind him.

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Oh, one last thing from yesterday.




If you look carefully, the time was 48.02. The modified truck boys were doing 33-34 seconds easy. No world record on fire but I had fun. I will probably do it again.

I did the drag strip and the auto cross back to back!


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17 hours ago, Frosty said:

Oh, one last thing from yesterday.




If you look carefully, the time was 48.02. The modified truck boys were doing 33-34 seconds easy. No world record on fire but I had fun. I will probably do it again.

I did the drag strip and the auto cross back to back!


VERY impressed Friburger.  You never follow the course or stay between the lines!  Our snowman kicks ass!

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Day 3 - L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium - Louisville KY - home of the University of Louisville Cardinals football team


I'm finally leaving Bowling Green for the last time. Bye bye Corvette Museum!


I decided to cannonball straight up I-65 instead of doing the route. I had 2 hours to go plus a time zone change ahead of me (Central back to Eastern time).


Gojng past Dinosaur World! 



At first I thought this was a new steel building, then I realized that it was a roller coaster.


Our destination - or so I thought. It turns out we were in the parking lot on the opposite side of the road from the staduim. These is a walk way under the road that connects this massive parking lot to the staduim. The stadium itself was hosting a summer football camp and we were not allowed to park on that side. This was not obvious, plus they didn't open the parking lot until 11:15, so early arrivers (like me) had to find some place to park and wait until the parking area opened.



This 1957 GMC Fire Truck is mounted on a 1988 dually chassis with a modern Vortec 350 V8. This is same truck I saw in Beech Bend doing the auto cross!! I was impressed.


Still has the original fire call signs from back in the 50s on it.



Shag from the show "Iron Resurrection" was co-hosting main stage duties today. I was able to shake his hand, get an autograph, and talk to him. This is his first Hot Rod Power Tour. He's blown away at the size and diversity of cars and people. He's loving it.


He told me a story about Pompa, the guy they are constantly scaring and setting off firecrackers around him? Well last season they  stole his motorcycle and did a custom build on it. In spite of what some people say about reality TV being staged, Pompa's reaction to his motorcycle being unveiled is genuine. He was literally shaking and crying at the same time. He didn't know what to do with himself at that moment. He had no idea that Joe Martin and the team had stolen his motorcycle.

It seems that Pompa is a busy man on his real job. It takes him away from home for weeks, sometimes months at time. So when he is home, he tries to be in the shop. Shag says he brightens everyone's day. He's quite the uplifting spirit when he's around. He just likes being around the shop. It makes him and the rest of the crew happy when he is there.

What surprised me was what Shag told me Pompa does for a living. He is federal OSHA inspector!! That's why he can be gone for long stretches at a time! According to Shag, he is very good at his job!

Shag also said it is funny to see what everyone drives to work. We see Shag's Chevy pickup. It's nothing special. It is unmodified except for the wheels. It's his daily driver. Mike drives a beater Honda Accord. Everyone drives beaters to work!


This '55 gasser was drive from Florida and he's been driving it here on Power Tour. He's put about 700 miles on it so far this week. He said since he built this car, he's put 29,000 miles on it. A local TV person was filming his car while we talked.


Found this one for Kiwi and Fitzy!  A re-badge/un-badged (?) Chevy SS - a.k.a a Holden!



Lucky Costa driving his Coyote-powered Galaxie wagon into the show!


Why wouldn't you bring your ramp truck on Power Tour?


Today the weather started to get much warmer and muggier. Early this week, the temperatures have been in the high 70s/low 80s. The rest of the week is expected to get even hotter, pushing high eights/low ninetys by Friday.


IMG_0640 - Copy.JPG

IMG_0641 - Copy.JPG

IMG_0644 - Copy.JPG

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image.png.c7e6a7b5757120319ca48e08ea770172.pngwow! great to see a vf in the usa !

10 hours ago, Fitzy said:

Kiwi - start unblocking extra toilets. We're off to Michigan and Hooters!

i am onto it !!! extra unblocking under way !!!!!Penguin Block GIF by Pudgy Penguins

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First things first

17.120 Seconds

78.74 MPH

Reaction Time:  .200 Sec

And I beat the gray/silver Dodge Dakota that was next to me!  YES!


King's Island amusement park


71 T-37


Holy Wa Der Eh? A Cankunistani on Power Tour! He's from Ontario - near London, eh! Take off hoser!



Living the Dream!


As I am standing near the main stage, up rolls Mike Cotton (silver S10 Blazer - his daily driver), Lucky Costa and his Galaxie Wagon, and in the red '57 Chevy is Jeff Lutz from Street Outlaws fame! This '57 is a charity build that will be auctioned off next year for children with disabilities.



Finally not one, but two - count em! Two Yugos!  This is in no way suggesting that they weren't being a rolling environmental disaster area while parked either.





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5 hours ago, Frosty said:




oh geses !!! your quick !!! hahahaha 

i could show you guys some real shit ! but this is the internetty thing , it wont be nice :rofl:

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Kiwi - I don’t know how to cook toilet paper but I do know how to brown one side! :rofl:

….and why does your last comment sound like the makings of a Kevin “Bloody” Wilson song? :rofl:

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6 hours ago, Frosty said:

Kiwi - I don’t know how to cook toilet paper but I do know how to brown one side! :rofl:

….and why does your last comment sound like the makings of a Kevin “Bloody” Wilson song? :rofl:

Or Brian Wilson,  Wouldn't it be nice if............

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