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Leaveitsmokin's Progression (Work in Progress..)

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I bought this car as a salvage vehicle in November 2008,

it ran off the highway and went through a barbed wire fence

Unfortunately I dont have good pictures from a distance but damage included:

K-Frame bent/torn

Downpipe bent

Rad and all attchments broken/missing

Pass Door torn open

Side skirts and Rear Bumper torn off/missing

Front bumper broken

Scratches throughout body from the fencing.


2008 G6 GXP Coupe Street Edition


Sunroof, leather, loaded

Unfortunately I dont have many pictures left from when I first got it, but following shows, how it was bought and up to date progression



this is the dent in the K-Frame, it was also twisted, needed to be replaced


this is the bottom of the engine, oil pan torn off as well as pump and other internals


where the rad, and related parts SHOULD have been...






Two of the rims were wrecked so we went with some used aftermarket, not too bad IMO

AIT kit is on the way!!!

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she's lookin good so far, I remember your topic on G6P when you bought her! Should keep the door red and the fender grey looks good :lol2::( jk. You gonna paint them the same color as the rest of the car or gonna come with a new paint job all together?

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Should keep the door red and the fender grey looks good :welcomeFP:B) jk. You gonna paint them the same color as the rest of the car or gonna come with a new paint job all together?

Pontiac flavored rice? :lol2: jk. and ya, what color paint? the car runs already right? you have had some work done on it. :woot: for saving a Pontiac.

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Yes it does run now, great ill add! love the 6speed auto.

Car - $2000

Work so far(including AIT and some labour) - $4500

Still to go - ~$2000

Probably going with the same color.. i love that color, hides the dirt good enough, yet still has that dark color sex appeal :agreed:

Putting on the AIT tomorrow, as well as straightening the frame, hopefully sanding down and getting painted on saturday and she'll be done! but well see, things never go as planned..

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With those rims, I'd see if you could get them sandblasted and powercoated a jet black, and get rid of the center caps and throw on some black lugs as well :P

This. Because the cool kids have black wheels.

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Sry, those rims just would look better black... trust in my spidy senses, I might have crazy views at first, but I see an overall picture before the project is even begun :lol2: Ask Mark or Pete or Ghost or anywho who knows me, my tastes are different, but in the long run, everything turns out being a winner :D

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Was finished about 3 weeks ago, but I just recently got a chance to see it and snap some pictures on my way to Hawaii (there now :( )

We wanted a bit more sparkle in the paint so we went with Toyota's dark grey color, it is slightly lighter but ALOT more metallic.

Runs and drives beautifully, handles great, cant wait to do some more work to it (tint on the front windows, tinted tails, and darken up those headlights somehow I am undecided an what i want to do there.

Anyways, here are some shots of it, hopefully on my way home I can wash it up better and get some more scenic shots.






you can notice the crack in the middle of the front bumper that was mentioned earlier, will be getting it repaired one of these days

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