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  1. burgett2103

    Pontiac Service Neon Light Clock

    Thanks Chris! Yes we've done a lot of business, and I've done a lot of business via grandamgt forum as well.
  2. burgett2103

    Pontiac Service Neon Light Clock

    Hello, all. I haven't been on here in a few years, due to my 2003 GA getting rear ended and totalled in a 4 car accident couple years ago. However, I do have this clock I took off the wall a while back that I wanted to sell to a fellow on here seeing this would probably earn the most interest. $60.00 shipped!
  3. burgett2103

    Bought my WS6 today

    car is a beauty man, take care of her
  4. burgett2103

    markpetersonii's Progression --> Found a buyer!!

    damn, that tint looks pretty good. if you want darker you should do another layer
  5. burgett2103

    What is your OCD with cars?

    when people change MY music or turn MY volume down.
  6. burgett2103

    new here...heres a few pics of the ride

    car looks sexy!!! i likey
  7. burgett2103

    Official post a pic of your car in the snow thread.

    just got few more inches last night, supposed to be more today
  8. burgett2103

    Rearended ='[

    sc/t kit is basically stock!
  9. had my seats out for a while and a damn mouse ate both my front cloth seats. really pissed me off but it's ok, possible upgrade to some leather. if anyone can find or hook me up with some that would be awesome just let me know. thanks in advance, nick.
  10. could you hook me up with links to where i get a downpipe with 2.5" piping? i've looked but i guess i haven't looked hard enough. i'm not sure if i like the way the hi-flo cat makes it sound i might just run straight to glasspack then a flowmaster 80.
  11. burgett2103


    this is for any make right? not just the damn imports..?
  12. burgett2103

    REQUEST: How to Paint Your Engine?

    i'd say just paint, no engine cover
  13. burgett2103

    gauging interest on stuff i want to sell

    i'm not gonna try to sell until i get people that are interested
  14. burgett2103

    REQUEST: How to Paint Your Engine?

    the brake caliper..? yeah i'd paint them purple too!
  15. burgett2103

    REQUEST: How to Paint Your Engine?

    it's gonna look good. one can should do the trick
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