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  1. I can has a third "Grand Am" of sorts? Introducing, in its horrible picture form... our new 2003 Alero. It's not perfect, and has some imperfections, but the price was right.
  2. Very much so. Everything has already been settled and I'm hoping to pick up a 2003 Alero tomorrow.
  3. No more yellow... This is what happens when you hit black ice and have a head on collision. (My girlfriend was driving and struck a full size Chevy truck head on. She walked away with a sore knee...)
  4. Okay, so it was completely an impromptu photo shoot. Literally didn't even have the plates on it and I had little to no time to work on a place to actually snap shots. So, drove about a mile and called it good. Plus, this is my first time really playing around with RAW images now that I actually have Photoshop. So, that said... here.
  5. Unfortunately. At least it's only right there. I'm looking slowly for a second trunk and just have it painted when I get some other stuff done as well.
  6. I disagree. They need to find a junkyard.
  7. Got a couple of day shots today. Still doesn't have any plates on it, so I just took some random shots in the driveway. They don't look all that great, but, you can see it a little more now. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  8. It really does, and that's what attracted me to the deal. The thing is like, immaculate in and out. LA1. Stickers might be gone by the weekend. Dual posts, if I get a good deal, might as well, but it's not the end of the world if I don't. Doubt I'll drop this one, it's going to be my DD in winter as my gf is getting the Mazda. Headlights, similar to dual posts, if a good deal presents itself, sure why not. I would like the GT tails though... we'll see. Thanks. I actually had a lead another another orange one. Sedan, 30th Anniversary Edition, fully loaded. Long story short, the seller's an idiot and I didn't get it. Plans are to probably upgrade the sound system soon. It's great for now, but I'd like to get a new CD player in there and some new speakers down the road. Doubt I'll go the route of a sub or anything, just a good speaker setup and nice head unit. Other than that, GT tails probably, needs a new driver headlight (this one is pretty hazy) at some point. All in all, if I find cheap stuff for the car that I like (GT conversion type) then I'll probably pick them up. But, the plan is to stay stock for now.
  9. So, as some of you may know, on here, probably not many, I've been looking into a second car as a daily driver. I had a lead on a 2003 Fusion Orange sedan for a great price, only to drive 90 minutes one way and hear he doesn't have the title. After about a month of headache, I gave up. I wasn't dead set on a GA, but really wanted a second one for the right price. Well, tonight, the right car, and the right price met. Pictures suck because it was pouring when I got home, and by the time it wasn't, it was 9:30 at night. Introducing, Grand Am #2 a 2004 SE Sedan. 126,000+ miles and it's essentially mint. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  10. Let's not get crazy with "any other car" things now. I agree that the Grand Am platform isn't exactly a top tier for modifications, yes. But, it's not a bad platform either. It's kind of a crap deal. If there was more aftermarket support, there would probably be more people working on them. But there would probably be more people working on them if there were more aftermarket support. Group buys never work, to do anything, you've got to be custom for the most part. It's hard. That said, some like to be different. I live in Vermont and modified Subarus are like *ahem*holes, everyone has one. There's a ton of Hondas, Mitsubishis, Nissans, etc... In two fairly large VT car clubs, I'm the only guy with a Pontiac that's actually being 'modified' I like that. And performance isn't everything. There isn't a track within 3 hours of my house, so there's no reason to build a 400HP car that I step on the gas and have fun getting to 50 miles an hour. I enjoy cars that look good, speed is pretty awesome too, don't get me wrong, but it's all relative. If you want to go fast, go ahead, but I'll take a sharp looking car over a fast one any day of the week right now. Maybe I'm rambling, but I hate all the crap I hear all the time about "if you're going to spend $xxxxx money, why not do it on a car that's worth it?" Since when are "you" (you meaning any person that says it, not specifically you only) the judge of what is or isn't worth it? I mean, I can go out and say I don't think a Mercedes is worth it and you could of spent your money better, but why? I'm banking you like it, and that's truly the only thing that matters at the end of the day.
  11. Good luck finding a blower. IIRC, there's roughly 15 of them known. Plus the paint isn't the exact Fusion Orange, it's a ridiculously nice job. I mean, I suppose if you skip the paint job and got lucky to find a Eaton kit, then yeah, you probably could do it. But, seriously, between buying a GT Coupe and Eaton kit you're looking at $10,000 anyway. Plus all the custom work, you'd be surprised.
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