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  1. Gentlemen, my Pontiacs are sold and long gone. Sorry to say I dont feel the urge or desire to check the forums anymore which was kind of the plan. To get out of the motorsports enthuiast thing. Even if I have questions Im taking my future vehicles to shops. I dont want the brain power to fix my own vehicles anymore lol. With that said, I know there are some things I have more knowledge of than others and I dont want to leave other enthusiast high and dry. Most of you know Im the guy that supercharged a 98 Grand Am with a prototype blower on the LD9 motor. Also the Daytona 500 GTP with the L32 motor swap. Anyone having any questions that might pertain to something I may know or can point you in the right direction, you can email me. [email protected] Its been a pleasure gentlemen. Thank you for your support.
  2. Im glad you guys get it now. Except the part where I noted the doctor thing was an example. I have no desire to be a doctor. I could have said lawyer, detective, jet fighter pilot, fireman, etc.
  3. Im not sure some of you are grasping my dilema... Hows this for an example. I want to be a doctor. That requires time, money, school, classes, studying, its living a different lifestyle. Its not that I cant do this car thing anymore, its also because I dont want to. Doctor program over powers motorsports. Now if I was into fixing cars, drag racing, mechanical engineering, automotive sales or any of that towards a professional career, then Id still be in the game. But thats not what I want.
  4. I dont want to get too deep into it, but I want to focus on the future. There is a "dream" if you will, that I want to follow. It requires some things of me. One of the major things holding me back is this car hobby. Im constantly looking for parts, ways to make the car faster, checking forums to give advice, searching for cheap cars to buy and resale, looking up a problem to fix it myself, having 3-4 cars at a time and dealing with registration and insurance and parts for all of them. It goes on and on. I quite frankly HATE working on cars. I believe people love positive results, but I dont feel people actually enjoy the labor to do it. There is so much more out there in this world, and I want a piece of it. Im looking at the "big picture" in life. And unfortunately, that small annoying habit for desire to modify my cars takes over. Cant both coexist? Nope. So I did what I didnt want to do. Sold my pride and joys. Now, I can focus on what I want to do. I hope that explains it for you guys. I am still very into cars and performance, I will just not be participating anymore.
  5. Thanks fellas. But Chaosweaver, the point of buying this specific car was because I am happy with it the way it is. I want out of the motorsports. But if anything is going to be done, it would be intake to hear the engine and bov, downpipe to give the turbo more room to breathe, and a dyno tune. I have no desire to change the exhaust or upgrade the turbo or lower it or get wheels, none of that. Ive worked in the tire business and at the time was the dealerships manager. Im aware of the crap tires. The dealer I bought it from put these new tires on it and Im going to run them till its time to replace. I like toyo but not me. Id look into Rikens again. Always worked for me.
  6. I had a difficult time picking a car Id be "content" with. Solstice, sweet looking car, considerably affordable, but I just had no chemistry with that car. I couldnt come to want to have it. GTO, not a good idea. For sure Id modify it and wrap it around something. The XLR, they just were not in the price range. I was thinking of any GM I could have. I was considering other makes at this point. Something to break the cycle. One day driving I saw one pass me... The Saab. Regardless what people want to think, at one point GM controlled/built Saab (or tried) and it is related to GM even as the ugly cousin. First I had to find out what it was called that I liked. Its a 9-3. Then I knew what body style and had to learn the years. 03-07. Then learned what the top model was, called the Aero. Then I learned they came 6 speed manual. Now I had to have it. Engine was the Ecotec based engine turbocharged with 210hp. But later years they came with a 2.8 V6 turbocharged 250hp. Yup, thats the one I wanted. Narrowed down to 06-07. Then I made the mistake of finding out they changed to the new style interior in 07 which looks great. the 06 and older look like its from the 90s. So... serious dilemma. I did a search "any distance" for the specific 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero V6 manual transmission. Total of 9 results. I didnt want a red car I sure in hell didnt want a black car. Only one left for me to grab was silver. Location West Chester Pennsylvania, total of 2300 miles away. Sold all my cars, bought a plane ticket out there, drove it back over the weekend. I love the car. The space, the look, the power, the stance, best part there is nothing I want to do to the car. The most Id do... dyno tune. Paid $16k for it with 48k miles. Here are the pics I have of the car so far.
  7. Should show up on Autotrader tomorrow sometime. Id be happy with $3300.
  8. Took me a bit to find out what these wheels are called. They are Exel BK7, 17" with 35mm offset and a 5x100 bolt pattern. Good condition. Got all 4 matching 225/45/17 BFG drag radials with plenty of meat left. Comes with lug nuts and wheel lock key. $400 for everything plus shipping.
  9. What everyone wants. Here they are. 18x8 at 5x115mm bolt pattern. Tire size is 245/45/18. I tried my best to get pics of the minor curb rashes. Other than that they are in great shape. Dont even ask about the tires cuz Im not considering them in the pricing. They are old and crusty. Could separate at any time. Id like $600 for the whole set plus shipping.
  10. Random Technologies 3" downpipe with high flow Magnaflow catalytic converter. Selling car and dont need it. $80 bucks please plus shipping.
  11. Price change. I was asking way too much. Someone take her! Keep her in the family! $3500 for the car without the wheels.
  12. This car has seen better days. Its my pride and joy but time to move on. This is how she sits right now. My price is $3500 for everything. 140k miles. If no dice for this week, the car will go outside of the forums and on Autotrader. I hope to keep it in the family. The bad: Top and spoiler faded. Rear quarter panel fading. Dents and dings all over. A/C works, but not great. I havent looked into why. Dash is cracked. Missing driver door panel light. ABS light on. Needs tires. The good: L32 motor with northstar throttle body Trans has been replaced (Thanks Rhett.) HPTuned (Thanks Thomas.) Pretty much everything under the hood has been replaced. Sitting on Eibach lowering springs. Comes with stock springs. Comes with stock 16 inch 5 spokes polished with solstice center caps. Anything else I have for this car goes with it. No check engine light, car runs strong. I will miss it.
  13. I have one car in mind. Literally one. In ALL of autotrader. Something Im content with. Something I wont modify and enjoy driving.
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