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  1. That is what I will end up doing, JBWeld is pretty damn amazing lol for the time being I will be putting my money towards my new project but you will hear about it later:)
  2. Well, I know I haven't been around much lately.. And here is one of the reasons.. Yeah, that is a massive crack in the Transmission on my Grand Prix.. Its a dry area, no leaks, however it is a mounting point for the transmission.. So anyone seen this before? Any suggestions? Im going with drive til she dies, the only proper solution in my mind is to replace, so might as well let it die first...
  3. i wouldnt mind a nomination, woot for subtlety
  4. Looks good man, i used to hate those TA's but the more I see your I WANT IT lol and as for the auto/manual discussion get the facts straight, in the last few years Manuals are getting either the same mileage or worse than the automatics. and yes manuals are more fun, but for a DD, or for a car that you want to be able to drive without getting a ticket every time you do because you get carried away, then autos are not such a horrible thing, i enjoyed my share of Manual cars, but I will always take an Auto first, maybe once i live in a bigger city, that has freeways and roads that stretch a few miles between lights then ill consider a manual again, but it is a PAIN when all you want to do is get your asz to work, so quit hating on the guy for having a car that doesnt fit your dream /rant
  5. oh wow thanks guys the licence plates are shaped like a polar bear, Northwest Territories Canada is the only place in the world with licence plates that are not rectangular or square ( Sorry Nunavut Territory got them to but they used to be part of NT) the D911 was strictly a coincidence, it is a work dealer plate and i went and picked up ten plates for the year and that was one of them, i will not be re registering it this year so i can keep it lol the wheels i likely will change in the near future, I am not a huge fan of them, i think they are made for something smaller like a G5 imo, but they were cheap and thier doin what they need to do for now lols and as for the hammerhead spoiler... you really do need to see it in person 4 - 5 times to appreciate it, i think it really makes the back end pop since it is so short and seems to disappear without a spoiler, my only complaint is the 4 - 5 inch flat area on the back but I may get some design cut into that maybe with some backlighting again guys thanks for all the supoport!!
  6. not likely, the car drags on some speed bumps, and as said before it hit on the car wash and cracked bumper once already
  7. For the GP I need replacements as they are the cheap older emblems so the red part has cracked and broken off in places, Vinyls would probably work for the G6 though, as long as i wouldnt have to cut them because i suck at that stuff lol
  8. REPAIRS ARE DONE. Was finished about 3 weeks ago, but I just recently got a chance to see it and snap some pictures on my way to Hawaii (there now ) We wanted a bit more sparkle in the paint so we went with Toyota's dark grey color, it is slightly lighter but ALOT more metallic. Runs and drives beautifully, handles great, cant wait to do some more work to it (tint on the front windows, tinted tails, and darken up those headlights somehow I am undecided an what i want to do there. Anyways, here are some shots of it, hopefully on my way home I can wash it up better and get some more scenic shots. you can notice the crack in the middle of the front bumper that was mentioned earlier, will be getting it repaired one of these days
  9. Basically for me Pontiacs have always just been there and better than Chevys haha When i was 12 my dad had an old Firefly lying around that we fixed up and was going to be mine, ended up having to get rid of it, so i ended up with a 99 Cavalier, i then got into flippin cars for my work meaning i get to buy thier car super cheap and sell it for whatever i can to make a profit, after a bunch of cars (3 sunfire included) my insurance company put a stop to that and i got stuck in a POS Malibu which once i sold that was inspired to buy my Grand Prix because they just look so damn sweet. After that I bought the G6 GXP at a salvage auction last year, due to lack of funds my dad bought that from me and we fixed it these last few months, and I will be buying that this summer. To bad pontiac didnt make trucks, cause i would give up my silverado for a pontiac variant in a hearbeat haha
  10. Looking for Blacked out Pontiac Emblems for a 06 Gr Prix (2) and 08 G6 with AIT kit (2) I dont know if the curvature of them matters thats why i said for each car.
  11. That aztec is pretty sweet actually.. and epic lol at the firebird
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